Monday, March 23, 2009

Where Is My Teleprompter?

Have you heard the news? President B. Hussein Obama slipped up during his television appearance with Jay Leno last week. I ask if you have heard because there is a real chance that you have not even heard about it. The camera loving Prez felt it was important to talk to Leno about the bowling alley in the White House. In his poor attempt at humor, he revealed that bowling was not his best event and that he recently tallied a 129. With a dumbass grin from big ear to big ear, he jokingly said "it was like the Special Olympics or something." Ruh Roh Raggy!!! By the way Mr. President, with a 129, you couldn't carry a Special Olympians jock!

So this leaves me with many many thoughts - bear with me while I try to put it all into good conservative words without sounding like a Barack Basher... (fat chance, right?).

I'm often the first one to tell people to chill out when they over react to a badly timed joke or a politically incorrect snafu (hey, did you know that snafu stands for Situation Normal - All Fukked Up?... but I digress). And at first, my thoughts were just that: What a dumbass thing to say, especially for the leader of the free world. But is it really that big a deal? No, but his apology is the big deal to me.

His apology: Am I the only one who found the apology more offensive than the original remark? The original dumbass comment came off the cuff from someone desperately trying to be as funny (cuz he IS here to entertain us afterall). This is what happens when someone who has none of the talent but all of the power to become a TV star. Okay, so he fahked up. Apologize and move on, right? But it is his apology, assumingly a statement written by his speech writers after careful consideration to proper wording, that further displayed a lack of respect for the Special Olympics. Blowbama said it was not his intent to insult the Special Olympics or the disability population in general, but rather to merely poke fun at his own inept bowling skills. WHAT???? The difference between his first comment and his apology is that his apology was a little less obvious, but no less ignorant. What he might as well have said: "I meant no disrespect to the disabled community. If I offended anyone, I am deeply sorry. I was just trying to say how much I suck at bowling. And you are the measuring stick for what sucks."

The next (obvious) step: I can see it now? Barack has a photo shoot in the making as a result of his misstep. Within weeks, there will most certainly be a group of Special Olympian bowlers invited to the White House by the President. Ol' Barack will show the Kennedy's that he really does care about the organization created by their family in honor of their beloved sister who was shipped off to Wyoming because she was retahded, you know. There will be pictures and video feeds of people lining up to kick the President's ass on the bowling lanes. There will be lots of laughing, high fives and hugging. Everyone in the news media will again talk about how Barack is a superhero. FAHK YOU ALL!!! When this bullshit event happens, cuz it will... you need to remember WHY it is happening.... because he stuck his foot in his mouth while appearing on a late night talk show as a sitting President.

Where are the Kennedy's? Imagine for a moment that George Bush made the same mistake on Leno (wait a minute, he would never be a guest on Leno because... um... because... HE WAS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!). But if ol' Dubbaya did have the same celebrity aspirations as B. Hussein and did make that same comment on national television - how do you think ol' Teddy "She was alive when I swam away" Kennedy would have handled it? I don't even need to waste me time on that answer because you all know how it would be addressed. But since this was the newest Democrat darling eating his loafers in front of millions, it is being pushed under the rug. I am hearing people begging us to give it a rest and that there are more important things to talk about these days? This is coming from the same group of dipshits who spent the last 8 years reminding us how George W. could not prounounce "nuclear" (damn, I do wish he would have at least fixed that before leaving office). Sorry - not gonna give it a rest. That is not until he screws up the Blue Team on Hell's Kitchen next week.


  1. I am in no way an Obamaite or one to be an emotional tampon either, but I don't see this too be that big of a deal. Speaking from experience with a person who has multiple handicaps my small brain and bad liver being an great example. In no way should this gaff be scrutinized. Society as a whole has become way too politically correct and it makes younger generation subject to having thin skin. Remember when it was Ok to call those goofy bastards Retards? Or When it was ok to call me Splat, Gimpy or Tri-pod. Those names only made me stronger as a whole. I think we should focus on the fact that yes, here is a sitting president who is amiable and trying to get his message across. Albeit in a obscene way to some. I like the fact that Obama is coming down from his Ivory tower and showing us that the emperor does indeed have clothes.


  2. Sorry Pat... your own words deny your claim - you are an Obama-ite. Blowbama's original comment is not my beef - read my post again. My tirade is aimed directly at what you are saying (and all the other "emotional tampons")... "Not a big deal" "People have thin skin" "Should not make something out of nothing"... Fahk that... My beef is with the media and the liberals who want to push it aside - the same assholes who spent 8 years picking on the dumb things President Bush would say. It was okay to continually run footage of Bush mispronouncing nuclear, but we cannot talk about when Obama insults (yes, he did insult) an entire community? I do find it amusing that you (and many others) describe Obama as amiable and trying to get his message across. Coming down from his ivory tower??? Give me a break - this guy is a bigger media whore than Schilling. He cannot get enough television and that honestly sickens me. By ivory tower, are you referring to his multi-million dollar stage and light show during the convention? That was a show that would make KISS proud.

    And what message was he trying to get across?? That he sucks at bowling? That the White House has a bowling alley? Or that he needs a teleprompter to keep him out of trouble?

  3. Uman, So If I read correctly as I sip a pwtt(Post work Tasty Treat) Your beef is not with Obama? Oh Please! Fawhk That. You living in republicanville New Hampshire explains it all. You see it's a never ending cycle, a circle of life if you will(Sorry Elton) that allows me with such grace and elegance if you will to say Neener, Neener and your mom wears combat boots! You reference the liberal media picking on poor georgie. Well shit, He wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree, but with that being said he and the position deserve respect. The media in general need to report the news but the leave the opinions to the op/ed pieces we used to see on sundays
    P Flynn

  4. Au contraire...(Aw fuck! I just used French)- my beef is ALWAYS with Obama. Never would deny that. I have my reasons and NONE OF THEM HAVE TO DO WITH LIVING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!! Being in Florida so long apparently has sheilded you from the last several NH election results. We have turned fukkin blue up here. What I said was that my bitch in this particular blog was not aimed at him (this time) - it was aimed at you (apparently) and everyone like you. So you say we should leave the op/ed pieces to Sunday papers??? Perhaps you would like a formal censorship policy around that? Kinda like your president telling us to stop listening to Rush. Hmmm... I'm assuming you are familiar with Marxism, right? Ya gonna start the No Toymakers To The King song next?? heehee The media, good sir, consists of reporters whose jobs are to do as you say and report the news. The media ALSO includes editorial journalism, i.e. opinions. And last I checked, opinions have never been limited to Sundays. You didn't care when the "media" would give opinions on "Georgie." By the way, why is it NOW that you democrats are whining about the position deserving respect? I don't remember that argument ever being raised after OUR president had a shoe thrown at him. Instead, I heard how funny that was (and if you say you didn't find it amusing, I have no choice but to think you are full of it - sorry). And FYI, Obama's gaff WAS news. It should have been reported. He even knew that, which is why he apologized.

    I will end this now because I understand you need to rush out and get your Goobers and Popcorn for the big show tonight- Obama: The Miniseries Part III. Don't forget to DVR it. I'll be watching some drunk white dudes get tazed on COPS.

  5. I am just glad I live in the Red State of Georgia and I am away from all those liberal fruitcakes!

    David F