Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where to Begin???

Yesterday, the stock market rebounded in a huge way with it's biggest surge of 2009, a whopping 339 points higher than the start of the day. Listen, maybe some of my friends know what the hell 339 points mean. Me- I have no bloody idea - you could have told me the market was up by 339 fukkin Gummi Bears, it would still mean the same to me. I ain't no financial expert. What I do know is that down is bad and up is good and a lap dance costs upwards of $10. The extent of my knowledge around finances is this: What I make, I want to keep. And what I don't make, I don't deserve. So when I hear stock market news, I just hope my friends and family get to keep their jobs and homes.

And so what do you think is pissing me off about such good news??? I am sure you have heard the media talking last night and this morning about how this may be a sign that the gift package...oops, I mean stimulus package... is starting to work. I have heard it said that yesterday's rally could be a sign that the market has reached bottom and is ready to climb back out of this recession. These people get that from one friggin' day???? Isn't it funny tho, how throughout January and February, while the stock market was falling faster than A-Rod's career, we had to listen to President B. Hussein Blowbama bitch about "inheriting this crisis" and he will need time to correct it. BUT ONE POSITIVE DAY and President RockStar wants his "earmark free" stimulus package to get the glory??? Can't have it both ways people!!! If ya want to give credit to Obama for yesterday's rebound, that's fine. Hell, you can have a million dollar party complete with Greco-Roman columns and a laser light show to celebrate. But with that, you must now be ready to stop blaming the Bush administration from this point on for any negative economic news. Ya can't give credit to Obama for 3/10 and then start blaming Bush again on 3/11. It don't work that way.

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