Friday, May 8, 2009

Cruisin' The Coast

And away we go...

Now everybody need not worry... the wild fires in North Myrtle Beach are under control and the rally is still on. The 16 hour drive sucks but once the bikes are unloaded, that ride will soon be forgotten. The usual crew is headin' down to Myrtle Beach tonight. The orginal group of 5 had dwindled to 3 after brother and cousin have bailed out on us - the dumbasses have no freakin' idea what they will be missing. Rest assured I will be sending pic messages all week long to rub it in to JimBob and Junior. To give you an idea of what the next 8 days will look like for me, here is a copy of the daily itinerary: Wake up - shower and comb the tongue. Throw on a pair of jeans and some Harley tshirt that tells everyone where I'm from (or where someone I know visited and bought me a shirt). Lace up the boots, swill down some coffee and off to the Beaver Bar for morning brews, bought from Hank the cleanup guy because the bartenders are still sleeping off their hangovers. From the Beaver Bar, a short walk over to Suck Bang Blow to look at the thousands of tshirts and shit for sale. Back on the bikes and ride around. Stop in and visit Hog Wild Girls at the Irongate or Kristi at the Spoke. Maybe a cruise over to the Rat Hole for a little rodeo action and heavyweight pudding wrestling. And so on and so on... you get the picture. Gonna be a week of barbecue and cheap beer, windburn and southern music and a wet tshirt or two. Wish me luck!!!

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