Friday, November 13, 2009

The Time is Now

When the time comes, I'm gonna shine up my shotgun! Been joking around about that for years. Made promises to lock her in the ivory tower as soon as the boys started a callin. Even went so far a few years ago as to threaten her with Ex-Lax brownies in her school lunch. The beauty of middle school is that just one shit in your pants accident and you will be known as Shitty Britches McPoo for the duration of your school career. Kinda puts a crimp in any dating plans, wouldn't ya say? Without saying much more, all you need to know is that the Homecoming Dance is tonight and my "little girl" tried on dresses last night. I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful she will look. As soon as I am done with this, I have to get to Walgreens to get me some Ex-Lax.

Chris will be strapping on the pads tonight for a first round playoff game with Alvirne against Bishop Guertin. He and his boys have their work cut out for them - they lost to BG two weeks ago by a score of 48-0. That is not a mark against Alvirne as much as it is a statement on BG. They have not lost this year, winning 10 games by an average of 38 points per game. So the outlook is freakin' bleak to say the least. But as I told Chris, the table is set for the biggest upset in NH high school sports history. However, a win will also mean another week of handling and washing his practice gear - a task that has brought his mother to dry heaves and his father to tears.

Oh... before I forget - Jessica will be driving on the roads in a month. We broke the law a "little" bit the other day when I let her drive home from Taylor's house (around the block)... luckily, she gets the whole gas pedal on the right, brake on the left. What she doesn't get is the steering wheel and its functionality. So, a few near misses with mailboxes and a terrified skateboarder later, we have decided to keep her practice sessions to empty parking lots and XBox games. If you live anywhere near Hudson, I strongly recommend you upping your collision insurance.

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