Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A B+??? Only if the B stands for Bullshit!

It has now been 350 something days of Hope-a-Palooza and time to take inventory as Obie nears his first year in office. What are we looking at so far? Partial ownership of the auto industry, nuclear proliferation in Iran and North Korea, thirty thousand more troops sent to Afghanistan, socialized health reform, the Great Apology Tour and a NoBalls Peace Prize! Yeah, I know I have been accused of bashing our President too much in this space and have really tried to lay off lately because I ain't no one trick pony, mutha fukkahs!! Excuse my gratuitous profanity, but I just love typing mutha fukkahs (see, I did it again and I say it with a real tough sounding tone as I type it). But today, my self-imposed moratorium is off. I have kept quiet on the 47% approval rating and have said squat about the Hawaiian vacation. Ummm... Happy New Year Obie.

Lemme see - in just the past couple of months we have had two (not one, but TWO) incidents of uninvited guests hanging out at the White House. Yeah, you know about the reality show couple, but do you know about the Darden's from Georgia (Click Here)? This very innocent, yet calendar challenged couple from the land of Jimmy Carter, got themselves into a Veterans Day breakfast with the President even though they were not part of the group of Veterans being honored. And this happened two weeks BEFORE the intentional party crashers made news. (SIGN ON WHITE HOUSE GATE: Keep Out Fox News. All Others: You can sneak in around the back). Seems security may not be a high priority for this administration. Oh, let's not forget about the terrorist shooting at Fort Hood and the dumb ass Christmas Day firecrackers in the pants Al Quaida asshat who snuck through security and got on a plane to Detroit and tried to destroy America by blowing up his own balls.

Okay, enough about the security problems of the Administration. Let's get to the things that ought to piss you all off. Tell me what you think is less expensive - taking your vacations at your own personal ranch in Texas and at your parents' home in Maine or a Hawaiian holiday vacation and a European jaunt for your wife and kids? Don't let the fukkin J-Crew catalog fool you, this is one spend happy family that is enjoying every perk of power that comes with the new house.

In summary and before my spaghetti is heated up in the microwave, let's look at B. Hussein Obama's list of accomplishments in his first year:
  • New dog
  • Named new dog
  • Hawaiian vacation (took dog)
  • Nobel Peace Prize (dog stayed home)
  • Oprah special
  • One hugfest with American hater Hugo Chaves
  • Chicago Olympics in 2016 (ooops, never mind)
  • Jay Leno appearance
  • One beer summit
  • 22 personal assistants for Michelle
  • Halted nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea (oops again)
  • David Letterman appearance
  • Withdrawal of troops from Iraq (oops)
  • Obliteration of the word "terrorist" from our language
  • The closing of Guatanamo Bay (trust me, it's gonna happen)
Can you still feel the hope? If it feels like someone has reached into your wallet and taken your money, then it must be hope.

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