Tuesday, January 12, 2010

But It's Offensive, Right?

Let me get this straight... when the term "Negro" appeared on the US Census form last week, black leaders shouted from the rooftops that the government should be ashamed for calling on such an outdated and derogatory term to categorize African Americans. But when a dumb as shit Democrat senator (i.e. Harry Reid) talks about the absence of a "negro dialect" as a reason Americans would vote for Obama, it's okay because he has always been a "good guy!" B. Hussein Obama has even jumped quick to let the nation know that Reid has always been "on the right side of history" and that his remarks were not mean-spirited. (Author's Note: "right side of history" loosely translated means "right side of aisle") Give me a fahkin break Mr. Prez!! You were so gawd damn fast to call out Cambridge police officer as "acting stupidly" on national television just because he had the nerve to arrest a black Harvard professor for disorderly conduct. The police officer was doing his job.

So the big bad word that was offensive as recently as January 5th is now harmless on January 11th? Do I have to spell this out for you? Had those remarks been attributed to anyone with an R after their name, or even worse, to someone at Fox News, the Great March of Outrage would be starting at noon today. Sharpton and Jackson would be leading the way directly to the office of the racist Republican to drag him out of Washington by his KKK sheet. But, because the Senator in question is a powerful Democrat and Obie and his crew need every vote for the dead horse health care reform bill, let's just brush this cute little remark under the carpet and move on. They have more pressing matters to which they must attend - such as making sure Martha "Stiff Lips" Coakley beats Scott "Ayla's Daddy" Brown and protects that 60th vote.

The White House claims this billboard was put up without their approval and they are demanding it be taken down. Interestingly enough, the report is that it will not come down immediately because a new ad has to be created to take its place. It has now been more than 4 days and our supermodel president looks like something right out of a cologne ad. Call me cynical, but methinks the White House is really okay with the billboard... it goes right along with Obie's celebrity status. Here's betting a Got Milk photo will be showing up somewhere soon.

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