Sunday, January 10, 2010


17 games later and the Patriots are done! 24 fukkin points allowed (or given away) in the first quarter makes for a long day in a Vrabel shirt slinging Buds. Flacco and his bad hip had 39 yards passing and he still won by 3 touchdowns!!! At least they didn't leave us guessing all game long!!

In a nutshell, this season was a freakin' nightmare for all things Patriot. Yeah, I know we won 10 games and made the playoffs... but did it ever feel good? Hell fukkin NO!! (okay, the snow game against the Titan JV team felt good) Ever since game 1 when some dumbass Buffalo Bill return guy (who cares what his name is) decided to be a hero and gifted us our first win, this season did not feel good. Losing to Jabba the Ryan and his big fat mouth in week 2 was simply an omen of things to come. And now that fat ass is still alive in the playoffs and our Pats are hanging up their jocks and hitting the golf courses about 4 weeks too gawd damn early!! But really, what looked so bright in the snow against the Titans in October was snuffed out at 4th and 2 in the Peyton Manning Dome a few weeks later and completely STOMPED in New Orleans.

So what went wrong this season? Lemme start by saying it was not Brady (that is until today when he looked like Mark Sanchez). He had a very good year and earned comeback player of the year for his efforts. I will say that he has got to stop beeyatching like a pussbag whenever a defensive player comes close to his shorthairs. White Wes kicked ass all year and Moss did his thing most of the time. The running game was a circus show, tho... with Happy Foot Maroney wondering if he ever wanted to go forward and Fred "The Real Running Back" Taylor going out with an injury too early in the season. The offensive line was for the most part a solid group and Sebastian Vollmer has Matt "which way did he go" Light worried about his job. But let's please get rid of Nick Kazcur first. Until today, the O-Line had gone several light years without allowing a sack, so I give them big props.

The offseason had better bring about a change of scenery on defense, for sure. When a guy who was waived twice in 2009 leads your team in sacks, you have some serious issues in the pass rush. And isn't it time to wish Adalius "What's that on your forehead?" Thomas a not so fond adieu? There has not been a worse investment since the British docked a ship full of tea in Boston Harbor. Jerod Mayo obviously needed a few more years with Bruschi and Vrabel before taking over the defense.

Okay... my head is still spinning and there is pizza in the kitchen. Dave and Babs... GREAT SEEING YOU GUYS TODAY! And remember Dave... forget about the game and remember the purple shirt to your right.

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  1. GREAT SEEING YOU GUYS TODAY ALSO! you forgot we won 2 of the quarters!!