Friday, March 5, 2010

Beacon Hill: Idiots, Imbeciles and Morons, Oh My!

There is an entire month set aside to promote awareness and they have their own Olympic games. Today marks the fifth day of March and thus the fifth day of Mental Retardation Awareness month (but I don't think it's called that anymore). But your elected officials have decided to take yet another phony stand to try to make them look better in the eyes of some voters. Turns out that there is now a push to ban the word "retarded" (or retahded as we say here in New England) from our vocabulary because of its negative association to people with intellectual disabilities. (By the way, the Latin origin of disabilities is death (dis) of abilities - hmmm.... not so nice either)

The funny thing about words is that they become associated with whatever it is they are used to describe. Think for a minute about the word "postal".... a harmless term that has taken on a new meaning over the past 20 years. What used to defined as "of the mail delivery service" now means "fukkin bat shit crazy and will shoot you up like target practice." Here I have attached the "Retahded Wheel of Fortune" for your education. Believe it or not, back in the early part of last century, the proper and accepted clinical terms to describe the various levels of intellectual deficits were "idiot," "moron" and "imbecile"... Cannot imagine that, right? Read an old file and you will see people described as "handsome, well groomed imbecile" and or "George is a 25 year old moron of a detached family, several of whom are also feeble-minded. Well, just like 50 is the new 30, apparently "retard" has become the new "idiot." It's a nasty, mean spirited term and is horribly offensive to those with retardation, and it makes me bristle with disgust when I hear it. But can we really ban a word?

My point here is not about whether or not people should use the term freely (because they should not), but rather that the state legislature in Massachusetts is spending time talking about banning the word. Give me a fukkin break!!! You CANNOT ban a word because it is mean. And let's face it, this is simply grand standing on behalf of a certain group of people so that our oh so God Damned Wonderful representatives can pat themselves on the back and show everyone just how noble they are. The only thing missing is a group photo at the Grand Staircase with the Gov, legislators and a couple of cute little kids with Down Syndrome holding up their medals. But that is coming... I can assure you of that. I wonder if next month, they will take a stand on behalf of mailmen and ban "postal" and rename the US Postal Service.

While we are on the topic of government trying to control its citizens, let's look at another item on this week's To Do List for those nose picking control freaks on Beacon Hill:

They are hard at work debating a bill to that will forbid parents from having their newborn sons circumsized. After all, what the fuck do parents have to do with raising their children? The people in support of this bill (yes I am not making it up) actually have the balls to say that "newborns are unable to give consent to such a procedure, thus it should not be allowed." Um, newborns do not consent to being born or to receiving vaccinations either, but those things still go on with alarming regularity.

Is there anything else that they could be working on? Next week, they will need to prioritize between addressing the unemployment crisis or debating whether or not those Go Slow Children signs are disparaging to slow children.

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