Friday, March 19, 2010

Bruins Retaliation Much Like Their Season - WEAK

That’s it??? A few good knuckles to the head 2 minutes into the game, courtesy of Shawn Thornton and then that’s it??? Where was the run at Crosby (don't waah at me, and someone should have railed him as hard and as legally as possible)? Where was the constant cheap shots on Cooke? On "Big Bad Bruins Night" and with some major tough guys of yesteryear in attendance, the lone highlight of last night’s Bruins/Penguins game was the Thornton/Cooke fight. Yep, Thornton beat his ass and took him to the ice for a white wash and, to my delight, he kept pummeling Cooke even when the linesmen jumped in. Thornton’s assignment was simple… keep your eyes on the Penquin bench. As soon as that cheap season ending douchebag breaches the boards, get your ass out there and hand him his head. And that’s what happened, much to the delight of many a B’s fan. Alright, this is gonna be a fun night. I found myself wondering who would be the one to go after Cooke’s knees and who had the assignment to blindside Crosby. And then…… CRICKETS!!! NOTHING!!! Pitiful!!! Oh, right… Captain Z got into it in the second period for his first fight of the season. But with his two mile wing span, he still could not connect. Come on you big waste of a giant, get just a little bit closer so you could actually land a punch. He had Mike Rupp so far away, he couldn’t have hit him with a fukkin baseball bat. Haymakers creating more breeze than Big Papi swinging at a splitter in the dirt. A lame effort from the Captain.

So a 3-0 loss to Pittsburgh and Matt Cooke leaves town laughing his ass off at the entire Bruins organization because they brought NOTHING to the table. The fight, although good to see, was nothing in the grand scheme of things. Fights happen all the time. That ass should have spent all night with a stick across his back or an elbow in his ribs. Memo to any future potential Bruins players… if you want to pull on that black and gold sweater, then you had better check your balls at the door.

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