Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deval "Single Term" Patrick Does It Again

Three and a half years ago, Deval Patrick promised transparency in state government. He was right about that. It has become transparent that he is a buffoon who simply does not understand the citizens of Massachusetts.

On Monday, the Massachusetts Registry started charging a $5 fee for any transactions done in person at their sites. A move Governor Patrick signed off on and claimed was designed to drive traffic to the internet and reduce waiting lines at the registry. He is only thinking about you, the citizens. BULL Fing SHIT!! Typical Patrick administration maneuver. Come up with an idea to make money off the backs of the taxpayers and then try to convince them you are doing it for their benefit. We all know it was a revenue generating idea that was going to hit only those people who are unable to use the internet - and who would that be? The elderly who may not even own a computer and the low income people who may not own a credit card (yes, the only form of payment allowed on the registry website is credit card). And think about it for a minute... don't you already pay a fee for transactions at the registry? There are plate fees, licence fees, renewal fees, tolerate the bitch at the window fee... all kinds of fees. And the idea was to add another fee called a transaction fee? By the way, this fee was slipped in so quietly that the Legislature did not even know about it. Transparent? I think not!

So, of course, hell was raised yesterday over the new fees. Pay attention Governor of the Lollipop Guild... these are tough economic times. Did you think the increase in fees would go unnoticed? And after just a few hours of pressure, ol' Deval announced (proudly I might add) that he will rescind the new fees. He claimed he was being responsive to the taxpayers by rescinding the fee. So now, after approving a sneaky new "tax" on the elderly and the poor, Patrick is trying to look like a hero for the elderly and the poor by declaring himself a responsive governor and saving them from this new fee. Instead of standing up for his "great ideas," he chickens out and quits the fight before it could really begin. Maybe a little bit of research before incorporating new fees would help you avoid this embarassment.

I have two words for you, Mr. Patrick.... SINGLE TERM! You idiot!

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