Friday, March 26, 2010

Hack Holiday Is Right - And Proud Of It

What the fahk? Were those snowflakes I saw this morning on route 3? 75 degrees 6 days ago and fahkin snow this morning. Hatin' on New England right now... at least it's Friday and the fridge is full.

To all of you all who like to bitch about Massachusetts employees and our two so-called "hack" holidays, I have two words for you: Columbus fukkin Day! The easy road for everyone is to bitch about state employees because you think that since you pay our salary, you get to whine about benefits that come with our job. But quit being a fukkin hypocrit when you talk about the benefits that come with my job. You don't hear me bitching about how many weeks of vacation you have or how many business trips you take. If you are not from Massachusetts (lord knows this blog has gone inter-freakin-national), let me give you a quick breakdown. Along with 11 other paid holidays, Massachusetts employees are allowed time off for Evacuation Day and Bunker Hill Day. In Suffolk County, state and city offices are closed. But around the rest of the state, these two holidays are floated. And in no way should ANY of us apologize for having these two days to use. But for some reason, the majority of Massachusetts feels THESE TWO holidays are not worthy of having time off. What? Because Evacuation Day falls on St. Patrick's Day? I get it - this is probably no coincidence. But March 17th, 1776 was the day the British troops were driven from Boston. They hauled their tea drinking asses to Nova Scotia - (Wonder if Canada celebrates Here Come The Limeys Day)... Of course, with so many Irish in control in Boston in the 1800's, they found a lame reason to declare the 17th of March a holiday. As far as Bunker Hill Day goes (it marks the Battle of Bunker Hill that was fought on Breeds Hill and that the Americans lost), all I really know is that I get to use those 7.5 hours of holiday time to two wheel it up to Laconia Bike Week for some titties and beer. And no, I will not apologize for that. As a matter of fact, I brag about it just as much as you brag about your expense account or corporate travel. It's a benefit of my job and I accept it with pride.

So shall we call into question some of these other holidays? I don't hear much bitching from taxpayers about Presidents Day, Patriots Day or Columbus Day (we have those days off too). The origin of those holidays are also a bit suspect. Near as I can figure, Patriots Day in Massachusetts is a day set aside to sit roadside with a cooler of cold ones while watching a bunch of Kenyans run through Boston. Take in a game at Fenway and you have yourself one helluva holiday. Columbus Day is our chance to honor a murdering rapist whose genocidal tactics nearly depleted an entire race of Native Americans. But how do we celebrate it in New England? We go to the White Mountains and look at a bunch of dying leaves and call it pretty. No mention of the Nina, Pinta or Santa fukkin Maria. So get off your high horse about state employees taking "hack holidays." Unless you are ready to give up your Patriots Day or your Columbus Day or even your Christmas Day, you need to STFU!!

Let's get down to brass tacks now (if anyone knows what the hell that expression means, please let me know) - We state employees have to endure an entire month (August) without a holiday. How can I get that changed?

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