Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hitler Learns His Mustache Is Out of Style

I know you are all expecting me to rail on the Health Care Enema recently delivered to the American people. Believe me, I have lost my mind on this bullshit. But today, let's leave Nancy Pelosi and her giant fucking gavel alone. Let's not laugh at Patrick "Has Anyone Seen My Mind" Kennedy and his quivering voice. Let's try to forget that our Congress has ignored their constituents in favor of backroom handjobs and White House special deals. Let's not even talk about the fact that our Constitution was used as fucking toilet paper on Sunday and that Obie told us that this $980 billion program will REDUCE our national debt. I just cannot talk about it anymore.

No, instead, let's have a little fun. I have seen these Hitler clips all over youtube and could not help but make a few of my own. So, using my wikkid pissah computer expertise, I came up with this little gem.

Now, I have no idea how to write one of them there disclaimahs to keep me from being busted by the Copyright Police, so let me just say this: To the writers, actors, producers and even the little pissant keygrips involved in the making of this movie, I am really sorry and mean no disrespect. Plus, I am not making money on this shit, so you cannot come after me anyway... neener neener neener. Oh, one more disclaimah - I have no idea what the real German translation is, but odds are that he is saying nasty things about the Jews. But that is the movie and that is Hitler... so if you are brushed up on your German, let me say this: The German tirade by the actor playing Hitler is in no way a reflection of the this blog. Well, except for the angry looks, I've been known to do that here and there.

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