Monday, March 15, 2010

It's P of the P, Baby... P of the P

Proof positive that we men will do anything for the vajayjay!! As a New England football fan, I cannot remember a more embarassing Patriot moment since, well..... okay, since the first fahkin punch in the nuts play from scrimmage during that dreadful playoff game against the Ravens in January. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy....what are you doing??? Hillbilly Peyton makes kick ass commercials and you do a fahkin Mr. Rogers type spot for Earth Hour??? Hell, you are even wearing the dorky sweater!! C'mon TB - get it together - better hope real tough guy Wes Welker doesn't see this, or he will make his way to your pretty little kitchen and shove his crutches up your earth loving ass.

I get it... Giselle is way hawt and you are doing this for her. Plus, you want to put another good deed in the "Gimme Some" Bank for future use. But did you really need to stoop to this? You look like an ass, man!!! Had you a real set, the script would be more like this:

"Hi, I'm Tom Brady from Boston, Massachusetts. Earth Hour is coming up and I don't have the slightest clue how turning my lights off for an hour will save the world. But I do know that as soon as this camera crew leaves, I am getting me some big time monkey sex right here on the counter. So at 8:30 on March 27th or whenever, turn your lights off. Now go away! Giselle, honey, I did it. I'll get the wet suit and Cool Whip and meet you upstairs."

Now for the whole Earth Hour bullshit... so if we all turn our lights off at 8:30 on March 27th, the ozone layer will close right up and Al Gore will finally shut the fuck up?? If that's the case, then I am in. Otherwise, look at this for what it is... climate whackos with nothing better to do than turn on high powered lights and equipment to make commercials telling us to turn our lights off.

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