Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Killer Hawaiian Earthquake of 2006 - Remember It?

Do you remember the great earthquake of Hawaii in 2006, a natural catastrophe worthy of being mentioned in the same fahkin sentence as Hurricane Katrina?? You don't??? Well President B. Hussein O'bama (Irish for the day, my friends) sure does remember it. Read on...
Last night, Obie took a big risk and sat down for an interview with Fox News Brett Baier to once again remind us all why we are idiots for not wanting his health care bill. Obviously Fox was taking a break from killing puppies and destroying the world in order to talk to the Prez. I for one am sick and fahkin' tired of hearing this guy tell us that a vote against his healthcare reform bill is a vote against healthcare and a vote in favor of the status quo. As if those against his bill would rather have people dying in the streets. No, Mr. President... a vote against your bill is a vote against (now listen very closely) YOUR HEALTHCARE REFORM BILL and the billions of dollars it will cost us. So now Congress is pulling out old parliamentary rules as a means to pass the bill without a traditional vote. More of the government force feeding us shit we don't want while telling us it is good for us.... kinda like feeding a baby strained carrots - OPEN WIDE, HERE COMES THE CHOO CHOO!

So anyway, when asked why Louisiana is getting $300 million dollars as part of this bill, a clause added to get LA senator Mary Landrieu's vote, here came the response: He claimed that the provision is a good one because it will help any state that has suffered through a "natural catastrophe, that has created a special health care emergency in that state." Obie rightly mentions Katrina and the true health care emergency there. But then he loses his mind as he continued. "It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake. So it is not just a Louisiana provision." What the HUH???? I had to google that sumbitch to find out what fahkin earthquake this guy was talking about? (if you remembered the earthquake, well then you read a few more pages of the paper that day) Turns out, in October of 2006, a major earthquake did in fact strike Hawaii (6.7 on the Holy Fuck What Was That Scale). And the millions of dollars in property damage was certainly a bummer for the islands. But a "healthcare emergency"???? Here are the other numbers - NO DEATHS and NO SERIOUS INJURIES. Not exactly a serious strain on the healthcare industry, Medicare or Medicaid. But Obie had to find a way to show that the $300 million dollar Louisiana Purchase was not just to get Louisiana's vote. Sorry B, you are going to have to do better than that.

I saw a tshirt that sums up this hot button topic better than any poll numbers: WHAT YOU SHOVE DOWN OUR THROAT IN 2009, WE WILL SHOVE UP YOUR ASS IN 2010. Come on November!!!! HEY CONGRESS.... HERE COMES THE CHOO CHOO!!

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