Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kiss Me, I'm Irish - and Pass The Whiskey

The song remains the same – in this day and age of the easily offended, the Irish continue to prove that they could give a shit less about the stereotypes placed upon them. As a matter of fact, the Irish embrace these generalizations like Oscar nominee Gabby Sidibe embraces a buffet table. Be it about drinking, bad teeth, potatoes or little dicks, the Irish can take it. All that whiskey and cabbage must lend to strong moral fiber because you have never seen a gaggle of Irish picketing a Celtics game or boycotting Lucky Charms. There is no push to ban the somersaulting leprechaun mascot at Boston Garden or the Fighting Irish nickname of Notre Dame because we LOVE the attention being paid to our heritage! (By the way, in an unrelated argument, why IS Notre Dame called the Fighting Irish? Notre Dame is French for “Our Lady.” Should it not then be the Notre Dame Running Away French? Just asking. And before you frogs git all pissy with me, take a page from the Irish handbook…. Laugh it off and enjoy life).

So come this Wednesday, the 17th of March, we real Irish will once again celebrate our heritage with morning drinking, afternoon corned beef and late night drunken rebel sing-a-longs. Some of us will even have the day off from work because here in Massachusetts, some wise politicians of yore created Evacuation Day to fall on the 17th. And the funny thing is that the non-Irish will don their green socks and stupid looking leprechaun hats, pick up their plastic shillalaghs, pin a blinking green Kiss Me I’m Irish button on their shirt and spend all night doing the fukkin Unicorn dance and spilling green Budweiser all over the floor. Sure, they wanna be Irish for at least one day. That is until you tell them about the small dicks and the bad teeth… then they want out.

And of course, how could this be a true Shits & Giggles post without at least some reference to our President. Saw this last year and given the Irish tone of March, felt it would fit right in….

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