Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nomah Forevah... BLECH!!

What a freakin' egomaniac!! The most overrated douche to don a Sox uniform made news today because he, sniff, signed a one day contract today just so he could retire as a Red Sox player!! What kind of phony public relations stunt is this anyway? What does he get for retiring while wearing a Red Sox hat? Does he get to sit beside Johnny Pesky until he too is pissing in his diaper in between fungo session? Or does he just want to have a lifetime pass into Rem Dawg's new restaurant? I'm betting this big nosed steroid pumper is thinking he will get his number 5 on the right field stands. I know there are plenty o' Nomah fans out there who think today was a fitting end to his career... after all, he will always be a Red Sox player. It's his family.... oh gawd, where's the brown lunch bag before I blow chunks all over my keyboard. Nomah was a great hitter, I will give him that. But he was a crybaby bitch who complained about the media since the day he got here. And even today, he was on WEEI explaining to all that the media never did understand him while he was here. Nomah cannot let it go. And let's not even get into the game in July of '04 in New York when this pussbag quit on his team and sat out a game in Yankee stadium, the same game where Derek Jeter smashed his face into the stands going after a foul ball. My memory of Garciaparra is not his batting titles nor his Tourets like tics in the batters box... no, the image of #5 for me will always be his phony end of the season thank yous to the fans, the same people who he in fact despised. If I have to watch him wave to the fans at Fenway once again, patting his heart and doing the Bill Clinton lip bite to hold back his, ahem, "emotions", I might just lose it. The Sox brass is probably already planning fukkin Nomah Day, complete with bobble nose dolls and steroid injections. What's that? Nomah would never cheat? Hmmm... the other memory I have of this con artist is the Sports Illustrated cover where the skinny little shortstop from Georgia Tech showed a "new and improved physique" back in 2004. You be the judge....

So be ready for the love fest... I'll be busy sticking skewers under my fingernails.

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  1. I knew to look, and there you are! I knew this was going to be your latest topic. Can't argue with what you wrote, but somehow I still like, nomar , maybe once a suckup... always a suckup! and is that girl on right side the bar still there, can't watch Pats lose, with out looking at those obstructions,...dave