Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Phantom Sot - 5 stars

Found a great new place last night.... Halligan Tavern in Derry, NH. Three ambitious young micks shuffled their way out of Nashua's Peddler's Daughter and opened up their own place in an old firehouse. Oh yeah... these guys must have some major blarney stones to open a business in this shitful economy. But I gotta tell ya - with 24 beers on tap and a staff of bartenders hell bent on making your time there a good one, these dudes are gonna do just fine. Kim and I had a freakin' blast chattin it up with Tara, who would be flyin off to the Bahamas the next morning, just hours after pouring my last Guinness. Tara makes a fahkin' pissah bloody mary, according to my lovely bride. And she draws a nifty pint of stout too. And then there was Ashley (aka Emma). She did not wait on us much, but I get the feeling this young lass is a few turnips short of a boiled dinner. But crazy is good and I would buy beers off her all night long. All that being said, the menu seemed wikkid fahkin pricy for my liking... that is until I saw the plates of food coming out of the kitchen. Holy fahkin Christ!!! The dude next to me had a ruben sandwich that was just slightly smaller than a Volkswagen! And the club sandwich is two stories tall. Mac and cheese is listed on the menu at 13 bucks.... I did not see a plate come out, but I would be willing to bet that it could feed the whole freakin' IRA. We settled for just an appetizer... potene (fries topped with cheese, bacon and gravy). And that might as well have been dinner. A big thank you to the three owners, each of whom stopped by our seats to chat it up and even bought us a round. Good guys and a good place... and I will be back there on St. Patrick's Day for breakfast (Lucky Charms and Guinness) to kick off the holiday in fine fashion.

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