Monday, March 1, 2010

Sid "Varooka" Crosby Nets Gamewinner - Declares Himself King of Canada

Puhleeze.... NOT SIDNEY "THAT'S TOO MANY HATS" CROSBY!! I'm cool with Canada winning -well, not too cool but I can accept it because they were by far the best Olympic hockey team money could buy (combined NHL salary totalling $120 million, $50 million higher than second place USA). But did it have to be that whiny pissant Crosby punching America in the dick? This prick didn't even notch a point in the medal round but became an instant hero with his game winner on Sunday. Seriously, there has not been a more spoiled little bitch since Varooka WhatsHerName at the Chocolate Factory. "Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa now!" Crosby's moment of fame, when Alex Ovechkin got his hat trick first in that head to head matchup last year: "Daddy, I want them to stop throwing hats now!" And any of y'all wanna chime in and tell me how great Crosby is... fine- he is one fukkin' brilliant hockey player. But this canuck is nowhere NEAR the talent or class of Gretzky or Lemieux. He feels free to dish out hits, but if you touch him, he tears up like a fat kid who lost his swiss roll.

And another thing... did you hear the pathetic drama queen announcers after the game talking about the adversity the Canadians faced during the Olympics? Hmmm.... on a day when hundreds of people in Chile were killed in the most powerful earthquake to ever rock this world and in an Olympics where an athlete lost his life while competing for his country, these assholes had the balls to use the term adversity when talking about a 5-3 loss to the USA. It was after that game when I made up my mind that the Canadians could not lose fast enough. The arrogance following that loss was enough to make me throw up in my loud mouth. The whole snow covered, maple leaf waving country nearly overdosed on Labatts and back bacon as if the world had come to an end because they actually, GASP, lost to the Americans. F' THEM!!!

On the brighter than bright side, Ryan Miller was named Tournament MVP. This dude stood on his red white and blue head to bring his team and his nation this fukkin close to gold. The look on his face after that overtime goal was all anyone needed to see. He put it all out there for his team and it showed on his face.

Watching the medal ceremony, I was fully expecting Sid the Kid to grab the microphone and ask them to stop announcing the American players by name so that they could get down to the business of giving this queen his medal!

Hats off the Americans for a hell of an effort and serious congratulations to the Canadians for their victory (to all but Crosby... he can stuff his medal up his pompous ass, for all I care).

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