Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gilligan!!! The Island Is Tipping!!!

Hank Johnson, D-Ga:  ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER?  Methinks not.  I can be accused of railing against dipshit politicians, usually with an overly obnoxious conservative slant.  I am often quick to make fun of any blunder made by our elected officials charged with running our country - especially when they pull in $174K a year like Mr. Johnson.  And yes, if there is a big capital D after their name, I am all over that in a relentless, Mike Tyson eating your ears off kinda way.  Well, here is a real prize for all y'all.  And I should say that I would have as much fun with this no matter the political affiliation.  BUT, the fact that he runs in the same circles as Obie and Biden makes this a whole lot MORE fun.

Hank Johnson is a Democrat representative from Georgia.  Last week, during a hearing with the House Armed Services Committee, Admiral Robert Willard was discussing a proposal that would station 8,000 servicemembers and their families on the island of Guam, a U.S. territory in the Pacific.  This fukkin brainiac congressman took the microphone and voiced his concern that overpopulation of this small island could .... ARE YOU READY???.....WAIT FOR IT..................... cause it to "tip over and capsize."  Oh I am not fukkin shittin' you!  Apparently, Mr. Johnson operates under the belief that islands are just floating around out there all willy nilly like ducks in a pond.    I am sure you are thinking that he had a brain fart and could not come up with the right word.  OH NO FUKKIN WAY---  he even made a tipping over motion with both hands.    Here ya go.... VIDEO PROOF:  (listen at the beginning... he thinks that Guam is a canoe!)

I love the Admiral's response:  "We don't anticipate that."  LOL   So let's look at this for a moment.  Here we have an elected official who, as a member of the United States Congress, has a role in crafting budgets and voting on foreign policy, yet has no fukkin' idea that islands are, um, ATTACHED to the sea floor.  I am not sure, but the chance of Guam capsizing is highly unlikely.  Who should be more embarassed?  The esteemed gentleman from Georgia or the dumbass voters who put him there?  Can you imagine that when the call goes out to "contact your Representatives" you have to call this moron's office?  Bettin' his telephone is an empty soup can with a string.

MEMO TO HANK JOHNSON before you embarass yourself once again:  The world is ROUND.  There is no edge from which to fall into the dark universe...  just wanted you to know - Columbus proved that a few years ago.

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