Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obie Might Just Be Okay....

You all know I love to take a shit on anything President Obie does, right? Well, to have any credibility (because that means more to me than deck time in May), I have a need to point out when he does something good as well. Now relax... I haven't lost my mind. The guy has had a good couple of weeks. Much props for getting his health care bill passed and getting millions of people covered so that they can now go to the emergency room free of worry. Hey, I don't agree with most of this plan, but there are some good things in it (like crackdowns on the insurance companies). So a teensy bit of praise his way for that (and when I say teensy, picture me holding my thumb and forefinger just about an inch apart like describing an Irish penis).

But then Obie shocked us all with a surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan. I have been waiting for this for 14 fucking months. Finally, he throws on a military flight jacket and shows a glimmer of support for the men and women in harms way. Gotta give him a big ol' bro hug for that move. Our country needs these kinds of leadership moves from him.

Today, it will be hip waders and a FEMA jacket, standing alongside Governor Patrick, assessing the flood damage in Massachusetts. And now he is going to be okaying the drilling for oil off the coast of Virginia??? I gotta tell you, B. Hussein Obama is really starting to climb up the ladder in my eyes.

Oh damn... I'm laughing so hard I just pissed myself. You knew that was coming.... I ain't that clevah and you ain't that stoopid. The health care bill is a mess, the photo op in Afghanistan a joke and the day we drill off the coast of Virginia will be the day Lucifer makes his first snowman.

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