Saturday, April 17, 2010

Really Bill? Are You Fahkin' Kidding Me?

Will this guy ever shut the hell up? Mr. Irrelevant showed up and opened his cigar chomping pie hole once again, this time warning us idiot Americans that the Tea Party tone can be dangerous and then Hillary's bitch actually compared the Tea Party protests to Tim McVeigh. He said that "government critics must be mindful that angry words can stir violent reactions." He actually pointed to McVeigh, claiming he was a product of anti-government sentiment that had been sweeping the nation in 1995. Hmmmm, where was Billy's opinion when W was in office while his loud mouthed Chucky Doll wife and the rest of his buddies were speaking out in rather angry words about that administration? As a matter of fact, his wife was quoted as saying "We're Americans and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration." You see, Mr. Intern Fucker, you gotta know that the things you and your people say are recorded for history. Apparently, what Hillary meant was "We are Americans and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration that is lead by a Republican. But if you dare debate and disagree with a Democrat administration, then you will be causing people to bomb federal buildings."

The Democrats will just as soon have us all believe that the Tea Party is some militant, radical group ready to take up arms and storm the fukkin White House, rape the Portugese Water Dog and piss on the toilet seats. And now Billy Clinton wants us to think that they are this close to inciting domestic terrorism!! WHAT THE FUCK??!! Take a look at how the Tea Party has been portrayed across the various media outlets. Do you have any idea what it is all about? Or do you think it is a group of angry and crazy militants? Be honest with yourself. And then compare your impression to what is real and you tell me if the media is shaping your opinion.

Here is what the Tea Party stands for: First, it is not an organized group. It is simply a term used to identify a series of protests planned around the country to speak out against BIG government and INCREASING taxes. It is about speaking out against a lack of representation in government. It is no coincidence that the protests built up steam after Congress pissed on the wishes of the majority of Americans in the Health Care Enema. But THAT'S IT!!! There is no secret handshake, underground headquarters or gun training classes. But of course, the Dems do not want this type of protest. It goes against their very nature of raising taxes and increasing government. Some way-to-the-left dickheads have actually organized "infiltrations" for these protests. has recruited puppets to show up at Tea Party events holding racist and homophobic signs and have been told to make sure they misspell some words so that they can make the Tea Party supporters appear crude, crass and uneducated. This is not a conspiracy theory - this is fact: CRASH THE TEA PARTY CRASHES Notice how they refer to the Tea Party as a "fake" grass roots organization. Fake???? Really?

So, you see Mr. CumStain, your idiocy is biting you in the ass once again. Just like it did 12 years ago. Please do yourself and this country a favor and stay home. I am sure there are some Judge Judy reruns that can occupy your time.

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