Friday, April 9, 2010

Yes We Can? Oh No You Can't!

Lord Deval Patrick continues to prove every day that he is one delusional narcissist. Quoted yesterday when asked about his reelection bid, the Governor That Couldn’t actually said these words: “The second term should not be a reward for the first. It should be about finishing what we started.” Wait a minute! Back the fuck up, Gov! A reward??? A reward for what??? For bullshitting your way into the corner office under promises of property tax relief, casino revenue and putting more police officers on the street? A reward for the $10,000 drapes and the jumbo fukkin Cadillac upgrade you started driving on day 2 of your term? Or would you rather be rewarded for trying to get a certain state senator into a high paying state job that had not been filled in 12 years? Maybe the voters should be thankful to you for calling for a boycott of a local hotel that had laid off several housekeepers, even though you had just finished laying off hundreds of state employees yourself? You self righteous hypocrite! Please, Deval, explain to us exactly for what you should be rewarded. Hiring a personal secretary for your wife so she can keep track of her therapy appointments and depression meds? Oh, I know!! Voters should thank you for implementing that bullshit fee on people who visit the RMV in person and then rescinding it a day later because you care about the poor and elderly! F’ing hack!!

By the way, dimwit, reelection SHOULD be a reward for a good first term! Isn’t that the whole fucking point? Do a good job and you get to keep it. To say it is about “finishing what you started” is to say “I know I promised a ton of bullycaca 4 years ago and did not get anything accomplished, but if you give me another 4 years, I really really promise this time.” Oh my gawd it can be painful with you sometimes!

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