Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mr. Presidente... Vamanos Asshole!

In yet another sign the apocalypse is upon us, the President of Mexico came to the United States last week and spoke in front of Congress. This fucking dickhead had the balls to show up in OUR country and criticize our laws around immigration - and did so to the delight and applause of the Democrats! There are varying opinions out there about the new law in Arizona. And the beauty of our country is that we can debate our laws amongst ourselves. But since when does a leader of another country have not only the right, but the open invitation, to criticize our policies while a guest in our country? And the fucking left side of the aisle responded with loud applause. Can you imagine if President Obama were to visit France and tell them that they need to reconsider some of their laws? Do you think the French would applaud?  Stand up and give him that freakin' odd double cheek kiss?  Um... NOPE.  But last week in Congress is just another example of the lefties apologizing for the way we do things in our own country.  It's a disturbing trend.

President Calderon thinks it unjust that police are allowed to demand proof of citizenship in Arizona.
"It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree but also introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement." he said to cheers from the Democrat side of the house.

Meanwhile, Article 67 of Mexican's Immigration Law requires that all authorities, federal, local or municipal, demand to see visas if approached by foreigners. And illegal immigrants in Mexico face imprisonment of up to 10 years.... it goes on... google Mexican immigration policies and see for yourself.

So Mr. Mexican Asshole, stick your fucking nose up your own ass and get the hell out of here, please.

OH and real quick...  Memorial Day is this weekend.  Our President has decided to visit Chicago instead of sticking around Washington to place a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier, a Presidential tradition on this day of remembrance for fallen heroes.  Having been knocked around for dissing the military such as he has, shouldn't Obie's advisors be suggesting he handle the wreath laying duties?  It's okay... he is going back to Chicago because of a promise he made during his campaign to visit his hometown once every 6 weeks.  Every 6 weeks????    What the fuck?  Where are all the bitchers who whined about W spending too much time in Texas?  Hauntingly quiet!!   His girls are Presidential tradtion be damned - but not to worry everyone... B. Hussein Obama will be back in DC by next week, in time to honor Paul McCartney!

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