Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oil Is His Friend

Where are all the "Friend of Big Oil" jackasses who were so outspoken about Bush and Cheney a few years back?  Now that it has come out that Obie has been the top recipient of donations from BP over the past 20 years (YES, THAT SAME BP THAT IS GIVING THE GULF A LUBE JOB), seems the media and the Hollywood loudmouths have gone all mute on our asses.  Well, except for that obnoxious dishrag Rosie O'Donuts, who thinks the government should seize all assets of BP.    Believe me, I do relish the silence... but what the fuck?  Obie has gladly taken BP money and BP has gladly handed it over to him.  This implied "enemy of big oil" had no problem accepting 77,000 beans from BP, including $71,000 in 2008.  So are we surprised about the slow response?   Not me.  We all know that if this accident happened while Dubya was in charge, the screeches of big oil favoritism would reach ear splitting crescendos.  So let's hear it assholes!!!

Oh, and the senator of Louisiana, whose coastline is about to be greasier than Fonzie's hair - Mary Landreau said that this "incident" should not be used to slow down Obama's push to expand offshore drilling.  She has repeatedly downplayed the seriousness of this disaster.  Oh... and she has accepted over $28,000 fuckin' dollars from BP executives for her campaigns.

I freakin' love when B. Hussein Obama tries to sound tough and claims he is looking for someone's "ass to kick."  Well, what's taking him so long?  Do we think our President sucks at hide and seek as much as he sucks at bowling?  How fucking hard is it to find the CEO of BP?  Isn't that the ass to kick?  I will gladly buy that Pay Per View.  Oh, and do we need to hear that cute little story about his daughter asking him when he is going to plug that hole?  Yeah, little girl, your daddy is gonna throw on a wet suit and dive down there himself. 

Be honest with yourselves now...  admit that Obie is a friend of big oil.  Admit that he has been slow to respond.  And admit that you are hypocrits.  If you all do this together, it will be easier.

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