Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Russian Spies? Really?

Just sitting here on the couch on a Tuesday morning in June.  Outside, the humidity is such that I just saw a sea turtle swimming past my window.  Top news story of today - a Russian spy ring has been broken up by the FBI in Cambridge... I know, you are shocked.  Nothing odd happens in Cambridge.

So exactly what is a Russian spy doing these days?  The Cold War has gone the way of Rubik's Cube and the pet rock.  Supposedly, their assignment was to gather information about the American nuclear weapon program.  Here is our program...  we have plenty of nuclear weapons but no balls to use them ever.  Oh, and the fahkin' double secret vodka swilling agents were also charged with learning about the United States stance on Iran.  Do you have to be a spy to figure that out?  They could have stayed in their little Red Square condo and Googled "United States Policy Iran"...  it's out there.  In a nutshell... Iran is not our friend.  We want them to stop making nuclear weapons.  And we will achieve that goal by having tea with Iranian President Imagetajob and putting sugar on top of our pretty pretty please.

So, Boris and Natasha.... you should have just called me... I could have saved you some time so that you can go back to chasing moose and squirrel.

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