Thursday, June 17, 2010


Obie came out on Tuesday and spoke to the nation on the oil leak in the Gulf.  57 days after the explosion.  From the Oval Office.  With nice green trees in the window.  Pointed his finger at the camera and at the desk as if to say that this time, "he really really means it."  YAWN.  He told us that BP will be forced to set aside many billions of dollars in a relief fund to be used toward claims from people who have lost their livelihood.  He proudly proclaimed that BP will not be allowed to control the fund.  But he did not include that nor will the government have any control over disbursements, but rather an independent third party arbiter (who will have no more of a mandate to listen to the government than would BP).   Prez also proclaimed that he has imposed a 6 month moratorium on deep well drilling.  He did not clarify that the moratorium is only on new permits and that existing deep well drills will continue to operate.  He used his 15 minutes to also shit on our country for our reliance on fossil fuels.  WTF???   This was supposed to be about the disaster and how the country will move forward and assist those directly impacted by this crisis, not a chance to advance his liberal agenda.  MORON!!

And yesterday, the prick in charge of BP met with Obie.  He then proceeded to come out of the meeting to speak to the press.  Twice this asshole told us how BP cares about the "small people."

Mr. BP Chairman... I have two words for you.....

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