Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who Are These Guys???

Yankees are doing battle with AFraud, Cheter, Tehshera and Canoe.  The Rays have Eva Longoria's brother, Carlos PenisPlease, Crawfish and Garza's chin.  The Red Sox??   Felix Doubront?  Kevin Cash?  Eric Patterson?  Niuman Fahkin' Romero (Hello Niuman)???  Not exactly Williams, Doer and Foxx - but these are the names from the box score last night.  By the time the regs get back from the sick ward, the Sox could be battling the Lowrioles for last place fahkristsake.  And Youk came down with an ouchy last night while kicking fukkin dirt in the batter's box!!!  Come on Youk....   really?  Dusty is practicing infield on his knees in a walking cast and you turn your footsy the wrong way and leave the game???    JEEZUS!! 

Seriously... the of the 3 Sox pitchers last night, only Hideki Okiedokie was on the opening day roster (and he gave up the 8th inning insurance run)...  Doubront, Scott Atchinson and Robert Manuel toed the rubbah  for the good guys in Tampa.  We also had Daniel Nava, Patterson and Billy Hall in the starting lineup... UGH

But here is an interesting development:  VMart out with a broken finger.  VTek out with a broken foot.  So we bring in two catchers named Cash and Molina (and no, not even any of the good Molinas).  But the Rays who steal more than Oliver Twist when playing the Sox only have two stolen bases thus far in the series.  AND Cash actually picked off a baserunner last night.  HMMMMMMMMM

The PawSox look to get back on the winning side of things tonight in Tampa.  But Wake is pitching... meaning Crawford will have 15 steals.

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