Monday, August 30, 2010

5 Years... SOBS

SOBS... Same Old BullShit!  It has been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina washed ashore and destroyed badly constructed levees, turning New Orleans into Water World.  It hardly seems possible that there have already been 5 Super Bowl champions since Dubbaya turned on the hidden wind and wave machines and sabotaged the levee system in the Big Easy.  But Obie was there yesterday, slobbing down some shrimp po' boys and telling the citizens of Nawlens that he was there for them.  Although he came there with no new plans/policies to help the still ravaged area, he certainly was happy to boast about all his achievements since taking office.  Among his list of accomplishments, he wants you all to give his administration credit for the fortified levee system that is due to be completed next year.  Here's a newsflash for you, Obie.  Just because something happens while you are sitting in the Oval Office, it does not mean you did it.  Attention Louisiana residents:  It was in 2005 when Dubbaya requested an additional 1.5 billion beans to help restore the levee system.  And then again in 2009 when work had slowed to a crawl, he injected another 7.5 billion bucks to fortify the levees in New Orleans.  Obie, you just happen to be the Big Cheese when it is finished... but you had nothing to do with it.  Stop taking fukkin credit.

And before you all decide to take the other liberal slant and blame Bush for being the reason the levees were not strengthened BEFORE Katrina.. (i.e. Obie's quote yesterday "“a manmade catastrophe – a shameful breakdown in government that left countless men, women and children abandoned and alone.”)...   Here are some more facts -  The Army Corps of Engineers were set to begin work on improving the levee system back in 1996, but were sued by environmentalist organizations who wanted consideration given to the bottomland hardwood wetlands so that they can protect the fucking bird breeding in the Lower Mississippi Valley....  Yep, fuck the safety of the people - we need to worry about fucking birds!!!   Anyway, my point here is that the suit was settled in 1997 and the Army Corps of Engineers agreed to delay their project until a complete study could be completed.   Um.... Georgie was not president then!  It was the King of the White House Hummer himself.  And don't get me wrong... the delay had nothing to do with Slick Willie either.  My point is that it had nothing to do with Dubbaya.

K....  I'm done today.  It's Monday and the Sox are AWL DUN!!   I'm cranky.  Seeeeeeya

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Return of the Tight End - YOWZA

Brades looked under a rock and found a tight end.  And a big fahkin Polish dude with a bad rookie haircut and a size 16 shoe to boot.  Last night, I sat down to watch the only preseason game of the year worth watching... exhibition #3 is always the only game when the starters spend any time playing football.  Next week, the Pats will be trotting out a lineup of unknowns that make this year's Sox look like the '47 Yankees.

First, the bad news... the stuff that makes me get all "Aw fahk!!!  You sahk!!!" -  I ain't too optimistic this morning about the value of this defense.  The defensive backs cannot cover a penny with a bedspread and the D-line looks like they have spent all training camp at the fukkin food court.  Seriously, we have the manbeast in the middle (Vince BigFork) and then who?  Last night, there was plenty of Gerard Warren and Ron Brace... AND I MEAN PLENTY OF THEM!!  These two buffett killers make Vince the smallest defensive lineman in the 3-4. 

I get pissed with all the rules protecting the quarterbacks these days and there were several roughing the baby penalties last night.  But Marques "Pack Your Bags" Murrell was flagged last night as the Rams were stalling in their game winning drive.  Immediately I started bitching like PMS in a traffic jam about these bullshit calls.  Then a replay showed this dick deliberately lower his head and deliver a shot to the QB's grill.  I'm surprised Billy B didn't rip that dude off the field and send him on his way right then.  Too many penalties last night kept drives alive... and the really fukkin dumb ones.  Darius Butler reached across the line of scrimmage and made contact with a wide receiver before the freakin' snap!  WTF???   Automatic first down... Rams continue to march down the field and score another six on a weak looking defense. 

And if the Pats can only gain a measly 28 yards against the St. Louis Fuckin Rams, then I am worried.  But no Fred Taylor or Baloney Maroney last night - so not a major concern, I guess.

And now for the good news... although the first half sucked eggs, Long haired Tommy laid up a perfect ball to a streaking Mossman on their second play of the third quarter for a long score.  Twas a clinic in throwing, running and catching.  Welker looks to be the same maniac he was all of last year and Brandon Tate is going to provide some serious football wood for the die hard Pats fans. 

But the big story from last night, carried over from Atlanta last week, is the 6'6" Pole wearing #87 and turning heads this preseason.  Over the past few years, the tight end position for the Pats has been as useful as a Coke hawker in the bleachers at Fenway - IGNORED.  But something is going to be different this year.  Rob Gronkowski looks to be the real fukkin deal with great hands, good speed and some serious, drag a linebacker 5 yards with your foot strength.  He scored twice last night and both were highlight worthy.  Treating James Laurenitis like a piece of toilet paper stuck to his heel, Gronk just hopped 6 yards with the linebacker in tow as he scored near the end of the first half.  And the second score was a show of hands and probably gave Brady his own football boner when Gronk used his 6'6" frame to pull a laser out of the air over a linebacker and in front of the safety.  Who gives a shit about the really bad haircut... this guy is gonna be GOOD!   The Tight End Has Returned - and he wears Ben Coates number.   WOOOOOO

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Word of the Day: Imam

An Imam is kinda like the grand poobah of a mosque.  And a mosque (shit, I'm full of Daniel Webster brilliance this morning) is a place of worship for followers of Islam.  I'm guessing you all know about the fuckin mosque/Islamic community center being built in lower Manhattan, the story that usually follows the daily Brett Favre update on major news networks.  Do we want to battle over whether or not this is a slap in the face of Americans or an honest effort to build a bridge between Muslims and the western world?   I would rather not argue that point, because the moment someone speaks out against that idea, they are branded hateful and intolerant, or even worse... REPUBLICAN.  So let's talk instead about the big Muslim cheese who is building this mosque.  His name is Feisal Abdul Rauf and this morning he is waking up in the Middle East, having breakfast on a TAXPAYER funded trip as a representative of the United States.   Feisal is the Iman of the proposed mosque.  And he wants us to believe he chose the site in NYC without malice.

This fucker spoke in Australia in 2005 telling others that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than Al-Qaeda has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims and that the US may be worse than the terrorist organization.  He blamed the deaths of half a million Iraqi children on US led sanctions when in fact it was Saddam Hussein denying humanitarian aid to his own people.  And in 2001, 19 days after 3000 people were murdered in this country, Rauf spoke on 60 minutes claiming that terrorism has no place in Islam.  But when asked if the United States deserved the attacks, his quote (AND I MEAN QUOTE!!) was this:  "I wouldn't say the United States deserved what happened.  But the United States' policies were an accessory to the crime that happened."  He went on to blabber, "because we have been an accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world.  In fact, in the most direct sense, Osama Bin Laden was made in the USA."   Does Iman Feisal sound like he is okay with the US?   Does this sound like a fucking bridge builder?   Even worse, does this sound like a guy who should be representing the US in the Middle East????    Oh, the purpose of this trip that you and I are paying for and that the State Department is sponsoring....  to "foster greater understanding of Islamic and Muslim communities in the United States."  That is the official statement from the State Department.   WHAT???   We need to help people in the middle east understand Islamic and Muslim communities in this country???   To put it in terms I can better understand, that would be like sending a Kennedy over to Ireland to help the Irish have a better understanding of Irish bars in South Boston.  No, here is what this is really about... Feisal is over there raising money to build his mosque.  And we are paying for it.  Yeah, the State Department said he is not allowed to do any fundraising during this jaunt.  And Kennedy wouldn't be allowed to swill any Guinness during his trip to Ireland, right? 

So is there any doubt now where the administration stands on the building of the mosque???  Not in my mind.  But the issue will remain clouded until November.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ugly Duckling Offers A Cy of Relief

Oh come on....  he ain't gonna be posing with a baby lamb on the cover of GQ anytime soon.  The guy is a bit odd looking.  The 2010 Sox season stahted with triple aces in Buckethead, Lackey and Lester.  Knucklehead and Matzusuckass were gonna be the other arms until Clay Buchholz figured out how to pitch in the bigs.  And now we are deep into August and the Sox disabled list is more crowded than a box truck at the Mexico border.  Beckett and Lackey have simply been the reincarnation of Rick Wise and Oil Can Boyd.  Win some and look good... lose some and look like fahkin shitstains.  Lester has done more than his share and has been dominant at times... big props to the boy who kicked cancer in the nutsack.  Wake... well, I just like him.  Not as a pitcher, but just as a good all around guy.  And DoucheK should change his name to Matzuwalkthebasesloadedyouprick. 

So here is Buchholz nearing the end of September and is now the leader in the clubhouse in the fahkin Cy Young race.  The dude from Lumberton, Texas with the fahkin horror movie eyes is now 15-5 with a 2.26 ERA!  But even more impressive than his numbers is his proof that money, fame and a uniform goes a lot further than looks.  The Clayman hooked himself a keeper of huge proportions in Lindsey Clubine, his way hot bride.  Screw the Cy Young... now we know why he is pitching lights out... keeping his pitch count down so he can get his ass home and knock uglies with a supermodel.  Can you believe it????

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Nights In The Fall!!!

I choke back tears now thinking back to that day. 11 years ago, the Bears were up big against Nashua. My seven year old bobble-headed son, in a helmet twice his size and thigh pads held up with white athletic tape because his legs were too skinny, just wanted to play safety. I have no idea why safety, but that is what he wanted. Probably because it was “safe.” He wrote it down on the “wish paper” that he handed in to his coach at the beginning of the season. In most games, he would get his 8 plays as offensive end and then sit. And he was happy doing it. But that day, it was HIS wish paper that coach pulled from his pocket. Underwood, go play safety. He had no idea what to do out there but he had a hell of a time watching all the action in front of him. And his father teared up with joy, knowing how big a deal this was for him.

Fast forward eleven years to today as I look at the young man that skinny little safety has become as he prepares for his 11th football season. And I see clearly how this game has shaped his character and helped mold him into the person he is today. You see, there is something within the game of football that just is not there in any other team sport.  You can see it in the pride of a player walking through the school halls on Fridays in his game jersey.  You can feel it on Friday nights, 20 minutes before game time, when 70 plus thunderous, recently deepened voices are counting out jumping jacks with the precision of a military drill team. And you can see it immediately after the game when opponents line up at the 50 yard line in sweat and mud soaked jerseys to shake each others hands after having spent the last 2 hours knocking the snot out of each other. Football can take a scared, shy 7 year old boy with little confidence and in just eleven years turn him into a high school senior who would win the annual team Iron Man competition and be nominated for team captain.

For those parents out there who have spent many a Friday night under the lights, you know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who have not, my words cannot do the game justice. But I saw this video this morning and I felt compelled to share it. Maybe this will explain those teared up eyes 11 years ago and the tears of pride that will most certainly be choked back time and time again this season. For you Bubba!!!!

Hey Yoo - The Advice Column With Balls

    Hey Yoo -  I recently have been a victim of persecution for something I said at work.  I was talking with a black woman on the phone and the discussion of racism and the word that tops the bristle scale came up.  I told her that if she were to turn on HBO and listen to a black comic, all she would hear would be "nigger, nigger, nigger."  Now all of a sudden, everybody is all pissed off at me because I said the two syllables instead of the more appropriate "N-word"...  In the firestorm that followed, I ended up announcing that I will be quitting my job at the end of the year when my contract is up.  My First Amendment rights have been violated and I am writing to you to ask how I should best go about making a stand to get those rights back.  Sincerely, RadioLaura from NY.
    Dear RadioLaura - You pompous ignorant bitch!  Your first amendment rights have not been breached!  Have you been arrested for what you said?  The first amendment guarantees the right to free speech.  But it does not protect celebrity morons like yourself from suffering consequences for the drivel that comes from out between your lips.  Just because people think you are a douchebag for the things you say, it does not mean they are taking away your rights.  It just means you are a douchebag.  Oh, and YOU quit your job -nobody took it away from you.  But I ask you this - why wait until your contract is up?   Shut the fuck up and go away today!

    Hey Yoo - I have been in a relationship for a couple of years now.  However, we have spent the past several months apart while trying to work out some differences.  My fiance has taken issue with my internet habits and found out about my online dating.  I have had a lot of time to think during my sabbatical from med school and my one hour of outside time a day and have decided that I really need to do what I can to get her back.  I am thinking about cutting my arteries and writing her name in blood on my wall.  Do you think that will show her how much I love her?  Sincerely, Craigslist Phil in MA.
    Dear Craigslist Phil -  Wow, it sounds like you are really in love.  And as batshit crazy as they come.  Do us all a fucking favor and wrap your head in plastic while you are at it.  You have wasted enough of my fucking taxpayer dollars feeding your sorry ass. 

    Hey Yoo - I am an aging professional athlete who just cannot seem to figure out what to do.  My ankle really hurts and I suck at my job.  I have a problem throwing the ball to the wrong players at the worst times, but have been tyring to improve in that area by throwing footballs to 4th graders in Mississippi all summer.  I think I need to retire because taking money for my miserable play would be like robbery.  But I hate the idea of people not talking about me anymore.  How can I have both - retirement AND still being the subject of ESPN shows?  Sincerely, Undecided in MS
    Dear Undecided - It's too late for you.  Nobody likes you.  You might as well buy a farm and grow dirt for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pre-season Football - Who Has Bigger Moobs?

I love preseason football for one obvious reason... the real stuff is just weeks away.  But honestly, is there anything less interesting than watching the fourth stringers of two teams knocking each other around trying to impress the coaches and cameras?  Who gives a flying fart if an 82nd round draft pick from Mifflin Community College has looked strong in camp or makes a big hit on a punt return?  That dude is already back at his real job, asking customers if they would like any bagels or Munchkins with their coffee.

Last night, the entire Underwood family tuned in to watch the G Men and Gang Green get together in their new digs just off exit 16 of the Jersey PukePike.  Oh sure, the stadium is beautiful.  But let's face it - it is just off the Pike and only months away from stinking like urine.  I really was not watching for the football, but rather wanted to be sure that in the event a big fukkin sink hole opened up at the 50 yard line, I did not want to miss the chance to see these two teams get swallowed up faster then a ice cream sandwich on Rex Ryan's plate.  But there were some good moments... Dirty Sanchez tossed a pick into double coverage with his very first pass!  YAY!  But it got better... The Other Manning got fahkin tuned up in the second quarter, looking like a pinball stuck in the bumpers when he bounced off Jacobs, only to get drilled in the back by a Jet and his helmetless hillbilly head crashed into another teammates pads on his way to the turf, opening up a fahkin gunshot wound on his forehead.   WOOOOOHOOOOOO!   I do love football.   All in all, I actually spent the game rooting for the Giants (but had to take a hot shower afterward because I felt so fahkin dirty for it).  And some UMass grad named Cruz scored 3 touchdowns.  He will be all over the NY Post today.  And back at the donut shop tomorrow.

Final question... have watched two preseason games so far and am left with this to ponder:  Who has a bigger rack?   Rex Ryan or Billy Belichick?  Jeezus, I think both guys used their 2010 playoff share for sloppy implants!  Rexy and Billy, I have two words for you:   SPORTS BRA

Friday, August 13, 2010

Still A Leader - No Bullshit Here

A SHOCKED look of appreciation - PRICELESS
A bunch of you spent 8 years bitching, calling him a moron and booing his existence.  "His eyes are too close together"  "He cannot speak"  "What a buffoon!"   You cast dispersions of "evil" and "war monger" and even "conspirist" - Then you have spent the past 2 years blaming everything from the economy to the fucking oil leak on him.  Dubbaya did plenty of things that I did not like and not once in either primary election did I vote for him.  Well, without a news crew around, George the 43rd gave you all a big FUCK YOU and he did not even know he did so.  Actually, he is way above that anyway.  Have you heard him come back even once at the Dems and Leftists despite the unending bashing of character?  Hell no... because he is one CLASS ACT.

On Wednesday of this week, George W. Bush and his wife Laura greeted a shocked group of troops at Dallas Fort Worth airport to welcome them home for a two week break.  The Bushes joined a youth football team for their "Welcome Home A Hero" program to meet the troops as they disembarked.  The pictures tell the story.  (CLICK TO SEE THE PICS) The faces on the troops make very clear the respect our troops have for the former President.  And look even more closely at the photos.  Where are the news cameras?  The photographers with the press credentials?  NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  You see, Dubbaya did not do this for a photo op.  No press conference.  These pictures were taken by a USO member who happened to be there and posted them on her facebook page.  Nothing but a sincere show of gratitude to the men and women who continue to put their lives on the line overseas for our country.  (And I call bullshit on any of you who want to come back and tell me that the troops have no business over there - unless you want to include the current administration as well.)  Well said and borrowed from another blogger
"For all of his faults while he was in office; the man did one thing right and that was the decision to sacrifice his Presidency for the war on terror. President Bush knew the stakes and knew the he would most likely become a lame duck President.  Like him or not….President Bush was and still is a leader, he loved our Military and was willing to take the heat of criticism from the left, for the many deaths of our Military’s officers during the Iraqi war."
I will argue any point with anyone -  you all know that.  But try to argue against this point and I will delete your post quicker than Obie will take your money.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tebow Haircut - Are Holes In the Hands to Follow?

Is that a crown of thorns on his head?  What the fahk goes on in Tim Tebow's mind?  Any Gator fans out there wanna help me out?  Or perhaps some of his new flock (Broncos fans) want to defend this one as well. 

Gideon & James Publishing Co have announced the first addition to the Bible since the days of desert sandals and plagues.  According to inside sources, who have asked for anonymity out of fear of being stoned to death on a hill, the First Letter of Tim to the Coloradoans will officially be added to the Good Book on September 12th and will become available in book stores and hotel nightstands soon thereafter.  Details of the new book have yet to be disclosed, but the letter will most likely address Tim Tebow's God-like stature and assurances to his minions that he is the next best thing to Jesus H. Christ himself.  Timmy will be appearing at Barnes & Noble locations throughout September signing copies of the Bible for anyone wearing #15.  Tebow had been petitioning the Bible writers to become the 5th gospel, but that request was denied after reports that the greatest non quaterback in the history of the world did not own a flowing white robe. 

In all seriousness, Teblow puts his faith out there a little too much for me. Stinks of a big act and now this new haircut only serves to reinforce my thinking (yeah, I know it was a rookie hazing thing, but apparently his teammates recognize the connection).  The tears, the over the top public praying, the eye black with the Bible verses....  what's next... Tebow goes on the disabled list after drilling holes in his fahking hands???    He hasn't even played yet and I am as tired of him as I am of that douche bag in Minnesota.

Friday, August 6, 2010

No Experience Needed - Will Train Onsite

The President nominated and congress confirmed Elena Kagan to be the next Supreme Court Justice, replacing the retiring John Paul Stevens on the bench of the highest court in the land.  The vote was, for all intent and purpose, along party lines.  I know.. fucking shocking!  But that is how the mindless, backless legislators do things...  be them Republican or Democrat, none of these numnutz suits have any original thought - vote the party line or face the wrath of the leaders - they are ALL assholes.  5 Elephants broke ranks and voted in favor of Kagan.  And only 1 Jackass voted against the 4th woman to don the black housecoat.  It is safe to say that those 6 voted their conscious.  The rest just followed the leader.

With that rant out of the way... can I ask just one question?   If someone is going to be appointed as one of the highest judges in the country, shouldn't that person have some experience actually being.... well... um... A FAHKIN JUDGE????   Okay... how about at least some experience arguing a case or two in a COURTROOM????   Maybe I am asking too much.   (By the way, is it me or were Elena Kagan and Nathan Lane separated at birth?)

In an unrelated news item, Obie has tabbed Dr. J as Surgeon General and Captain Kangaroo as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Dr. J may not be a real doctor, but he has an impressive resume and watches House every week, while Captain Kangaroo still has the jacket with the officer's stripes, making him a good fit for the cabinet post.

Peace out homies!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Got No Ice Cream... Na Na Na Naaaa Na

Hey sports fans... guess the fuck what!  He didn't really mean it when he texted his friends that he was retiring.  I know... stunning freakin' development, right?  Good ol' Hillbilly #4 is at it again and we are all a punch of fucking morons for paying any attention.  Look... I can't resist either... I'm talking about it too.  Damn that prick!   Can somebody in the NFL please grow a set of castonettes?  Imagine for a minute that the Mississippi Crawfish Fucker held a roster spot in Foxboro instead of Minnesota.  Here's how that conversation will go...
BF:  Um, my ankle is not bouncing back.  I'm thinking I might not be able to play this year.
BB:  Your thinking is right.  Pack your fucking bags old man.  We don't need our season ending with a blind interception from some gunslinging douche bag anyway.

Hey.... didya catch sportscenter yesterday?  I mean, the AFraud Is Our Hero marathon....  600 ding dings is nothing to sneeze at...  props to Cameron Diaz' boyfriend and to his pharmacist...  way to fahkin go pretty boy.  But take a good look at Jeter's face and his comments when interviewed about his teammate's big homer... you tell me if that is a dude who is really happy for #13.  Jeezus, I've seen more excitement from fucking Eeyore.

Shaq Fatty has arrived.  Some people are thrilled... others (me) could care less.  But know this much....  he stands a better chance against the ice cream truck than this guy:  (thanks to Fitzy at Townie News for posting this and giving me the giggle of the week)

Come on now... you laughed.  I laughed so hard at that video, I woke the fukkin neighbors.  How many times have you been tempted to run over those little shits who just drag their oversized pants and skateboard sneakers across traffic???     STILL LAUGHING!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look Out... Shaq Is Gonna Eat Nate Robinson

From the Sports Desk up here in the 603......  Josh Becket dazzles;  Welker off PUP;  and.............

Shaq Diesel coming to Boston??  That fat pantload cannot play basketball and I don't want any part of this media star wearing shamrocks on Causeway Street.  Word is out that Shaqasaurus rented out the top floor of some hotel in Beantown and I'm guessin he is not here to play first base for the BoSox nor to stand beside Lord Deval in a Mini Me type photo shoot.  We already got one washed up O'Neal this off season.  Why do we need another one?  Jermaine and Shaquille, (aka the Chance Brothers.... Slim and Fat) will have season tickets beside Donnie Wahlberg this season.  Big Baby and the Big Ticket will be joined in the front court by Big Bust and the Big Giant Asshole Who Cannot Hit A Free Throw.  Apparently Danny Ainge is thinking that the key to banner number 18 is to get slower and fatter.  What the fuck man??  Shaq makes ReRun look like a Weight Watchers success story!  Danny boy, you had better get yourself a big fukkin umbrella because Red is looking down on you and ready to take a big ol' shit on your sorry head.

Oh, and the NBA schedule is out.... our Celtics open up against the Circus Act from Miami.  Oh fukkin joy!!!  Won't even be able to enjoy opening night without hearing "Ooohhh, that is the first pass from LeBron to Wade.  Wow, that is the first three point shot made by Wade since teaming with James."   AW FUCK!!

Sox Update:  This just in - Mike Lowell has some basketball sized berries, I tell ya.  He spends the past few days in limbo because the Soxers in the front office were not so sure if he was worth anything to anyone.  But sho enuff, when they need him, my boy comes through.  Tonight, he took the first pitch he has seen in months into the seats!  Nothing like a symbolic "Up Your Ass Theo!" to get my blood flowing.  Atta boy Mikey!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Reasons This Week To Flip Off New York

Ahhhh New York... the city so great they named it twice... FAHK YOU!!!

What is this?  Day fahkin 342 of the ARod Grounds Out Again Count??   Jeezus Krist people..  how bout reporting something that IS news... like when the toolbag actually DOES hit that 600th home run.  Does this really need to lead off SportsCenter, PTI and the fucking View, fahchristsake?

3 million beans!!!  That is what Chelsea Clinton's fairytale wedding cost, according to "wedding experts."  First question... what the hell is a wedding expert?  Larry King and Elizabeth Taylor?  People ask why we are making such a big deal over Chelsea Clinton's wedding.  Listen, she is the only presidential DNA that did not end up as a stain on dress - this girl is a survivor!!  I guess when you marry a millionaire banker and you are the daughter of a former blowjob hunting president and carpet bagging senator, you get perks... like a wedding that costs more than Obamacare.  Ya get a wedding cake that costs $11,000 dollars.  Um, for all of you rich pricks out there, a cake should NOT cost the same as the tuition for out of state students at SUNY, even if that cake was made of Twinkies and Ring Dings.  Hillary's gown was $15,000 and they spent $45,000 on fucking FLOWERS.  Things that will die in a few days.  Oh, and did you hear on the news that the spoiled princess wore two white gowns?  Oh yeah... one for the ceremony and another white one for the pictures and eating and dancing.  WTF???   Not to mention, presidential pull and Hillary's Secretary of State status managed to close off air space over the wedding for 12 hours!!!   HOLY SHIT!!!  Because the uggo little girl who lived in the Best Little White House in DC for 8 years was getting married, plane traffic around New York City was rerouted????     Oh come on... you know she was no friend to a mirror when she was growing up.    Just sayin'!