Monday, August 30, 2010

5 Years... SOBS

SOBS... Same Old BullShit!  It has been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina washed ashore and destroyed badly constructed levees, turning New Orleans into Water World.  It hardly seems possible that there have already been 5 Super Bowl champions since Dubbaya turned on the hidden wind and wave machines and sabotaged the levee system in the Big Easy.  But Obie was there yesterday, slobbing down some shrimp po' boys and telling the citizens of Nawlens that he was there for them.  Although he came there with no new plans/policies to help the still ravaged area, he certainly was happy to boast about all his achievements since taking office.  Among his list of accomplishments, he wants you all to give his administration credit for the fortified levee system that is due to be completed next year.  Here's a newsflash for you, Obie.  Just because something happens while you are sitting in the Oval Office, it does not mean you did it.  Attention Louisiana residents:  It was in 2005 when Dubbaya requested an additional 1.5 billion beans to help restore the levee system.  And then again in 2009 when work had slowed to a crawl, he injected another 7.5 billion bucks to fortify the levees in New Orleans.  Obie, you just happen to be the Big Cheese when it is finished... but you had nothing to do with it.  Stop taking fukkin credit.

And before you all decide to take the other liberal slant and blame Bush for being the reason the levees were not strengthened BEFORE Katrina.. (i.e. Obie's quote yesterday "“a manmade catastrophe – a shameful breakdown in government that left countless men, women and children abandoned and alone.”)...   Here are some more facts -  The Army Corps of Engineers were set to begin work on improving the levee system back in 1996, but were sued by environmentalist organizations who wanted consideration given to the bottomland hardwood wetlands so that they can protect the fucking bird breeding in the Lower Mississippi Valley....  Yep, fuck the safety of the people - we need to worry about fucking birds!!!   Anyway, my point here is that the suit was settled in 1997 and the Army Corps of Engineers agreed to delay their project until a complete study could be completed.   Um.... Georgie was not president then!  It was the King of the White House Hummer himself.  And don't get me wrong... the delay had nothing to do with Slick Willie either.  My point is that it had nothing to do with Dubbaya.

K....  I'm done today.  It's Monday and the Sox are AWL DUN!!   I'm cranky.  Seeeeeeya

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