Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look Out... Shaq Is Gonna Eat Nate Robinson

From the Sports Desk up here in the 603......  Josh Becket dazzles;  Welker off PUP;  and.............

Shaq Diesel coming to Boston??  That fat pantload cannot play basketball and I don't want any part of this media star wearing shamrocks on Causeway Street.  Word is out that Shaqasaurus rented out the top floor of some hotel in Beantown and I'm guessin he is not here to play first base for the BoSox nor to stand beside Lord Deval in a Mini Me type photo shoot.  We already got one washed up O'Neal this off season.  Why do we need another one?  Jermaine and Shaquille, (aka the Chance Brothers.... Slim and Fat) will have season tickets beside Donnie Wahlberg this season.  Big Baby and the Big Ticket will be joined in the front court by Big Bust and the Big Giant Asshole Who Cannot Hit A Free Throw.  Apparently Danny Ainge is thinking that the key to banner number 18 is to get slower and fatter.  What the fuck man??  Shaq makes ReRun look like a Weight Watchers success story!  Danny boy, you had better get yourself a big fukkin umbrella because Red is looking down on you and ready to take a big ol' shit on your sorry head.

Oh, and the NBA schedule is out.... our Celtics open up against the Circus Act from Miami.  Oh fukkin joy!!!  Won't even be able to enjoy opening night without hearing "Ooohhh, that is the first pass from LeBron to Wade.  Wow, that is the first three point shot made by Wade since teaming with James."   AW FUCK!!

Sox Update:  This just in - Mike Lowell has some basketball sized berries, I tell ya.  He spends the past few days in limbo because the Soxers in the front office were not so sure if he was worth anything to anyone.  But sho enuff, when they need him, my boy comes through.  Tonight, he took the first pitch he has seen in months into the seats!  Nothing like a symbolic "Up Your Ass Theo!" to get my blood flowing.  Atta boy Mikey!!!

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