Friday, August 13, 2010

Still A Leader - No Bullshit Here

A SHOCKED look of appreciation - PRICELESS
A bunch of you spent 8 years bitching, calling him a moron and booing his existence.  "His eyes are too close together"  "He cannot speak"  "What a buffoon!"   You cast dispersions of "evil" and "war monger" and even "conspirist" - Then you have spent the past 2 years blaming everything from the economy to the fucking oil leak on him.  Dubbaya did plenty of things that I did not like and not once in either primary election did I vote for him.  Well, without a news crew around, George the 43rd gave you all a big FUCK YOU and he did not even know he did so.  Actually, he is way above that anyway.  Have you heard him come back even once at the Dems and Leftists despite the unending bashing of character?  Hell no... because he is one CLASS ACT.

On Wednesday of this week, George W. Bush and his wife Laura greeted a shocked group of troops at Dallas Fort Worth airport to welcome them home for a two week break.  The Bushes joined a youth football team for their "Welcome Home A Hero" program to meet the troops as they disembarked.  The pictures tell the story.  (CLICK TO SEE THE PICS) The faces on the troops make very clear the respect our troops have for the former President.  And look even more closely at the photos.  Where are the news cameras?  The photographers with the press credentials?  NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  You see, Dubbaya did not do this for a photo op.  No press conference.  These pictures were taken by a USO member who happened to be there and posted them on her facebook page.  Nothing but a sincere show of gratitude to the men and women who continue to put their lives on the line overseas for our country.  (And I call bullshit on any of you who want to come back and tell me that the troops have no business over there - unless you want to include the current administration as well.)  Well said and borrowed from another blogger
"For all of his faults while he was in office; the man did one thing right and that was the decision to sacrifice his Presidency for the war on terror. President Bush knew the stakes and knew the he would most likely become a lame duck President.  Like him or not….President Bush was and still is a leader, he loved our Military and was willing to take the heat of criticism from the left, for the many deaths of our Military’s officers during the Iraqi war."
I will argue any point with anyone -  you all know that.  But try to argue against this point and I will delete your post quicker than Obie will take your money.

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