Monday, August 9, 2010

Tebow Haircut - Are Holes In the Hands to Follow?

Is that a crown of thorns on his head?  What the fahk goes on in Tim Tebow's mind?  Any Gator fans out there wanna help me out?  Or perhaps some of his new flock (Broncos fans) want to defend this one as well. 

Gideon & James Publishing Co have announced the first addition to the Bible since the days of desert sandals and plagues.  According to inside sources, who have asked for anonymity out of fear of being stoned to death on a hill, the First Letter of Tim to the Coloradoans will officially be added to the Good Book on September 12th and will become available in book stores and hotel nightstands soon thereafter.  Details of the new book have yet to be disclosed, but the letter will most likely address Tim Tebow's God-like stature and assurances to his minions that he is the next best thing to Jesus H. Christ himself.  Timmy will be appearing at Barnes & Noble locations throughout September signing copies of the Bible for anyone wearing #15.  Tebow had been petitioning the Bible writers to become the 5th gospel, but that request was denied after reports that the greatest non quaterback in the history of the world did not own a flowing white robe. 

In all seriousness, Teblow puts his faith out there a little too much for me. Stinks of a big act and now this new haircut only serves to reinforce my thinking (yeah, I know it was a rookie hazing thing, but apparently his teammates recognize the connection).  The tears, the over the top public praying, the eye black with the Bible verses....  what's next... Tebow goes on the disabled list after drilling holes in his fahking hands???    He hasn't even played yet and I am as tired of him as I am of that douche bag in Minnesota.

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