Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Reasons This Week To Flip Off New York

Ahhhh New York... the city so great they named it twice... FAHK YOU!!!

What is this?  Day fahkin 342 of the ARod Grounds Out Again Count??   Jeezus Krist people..  how bout reporting something that IS news... like when the toolbag actually DOES hit that 600th home run.  Does this really need to lead off SportsCenter, PTI and the fucking View, fahchristsake?

3 million beans!!!  That is what Chelsea Clinton's fairytale wedding cost, according to "wedding experts."  First question... what the hell is a wedding expert?  Larry King and Elizabeth Taylor?  People ask why we are making such a big deal over Chelsea Clinton's wedding.  Listen, she is the only presidential DNA that did not end up as a stain on dress - this girl is a survivor!!  I guess when you marry a millionaire banker and you are the daughter of a former blowjob hunting president and carpet bagging senator, you get perks... like a wedding that costs more than Obamacare.  Ya get a wedding cake that costs $11,000 dollars.  Um, for all of you rich pricks out there, a cake should NOT cost the same as the tuition for out of state students at SUNY, even if that cake was made of Twinkies and Ring Dings.  Hillary's gown was $15,000 and they spent $45,000 on fucking FLOWERS.  Things that will die in a few days.  Oh, and did you hear on the news that the spoiled princess wore two white gowns?  Oh yeah... one for the ceremony and another white one for the pictures and eating and dancing.  WTF???   Not to mention, presidential pull and Hillary's Secretary of State status managed to close off air space over the wedding for 12 hours!!!   HOLY SHIT!!!  Because the uggo little girl who lived in the Best Little White House in DC for 8 years was getting married, plane traffic around New York City was rerouted????     Oh come on... you know she was no friend to a mirror when she was growing up.    Just sayin'!

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