Monday, August 23, 2010

Ugly Duckling Offers A Cy of Relief

Oh come on....  he ain't gonna be posing with a baby lamb on the cover of GQ anytime soon.  The guy is a bit odd looking.  The 2010 Sox season stahted with triple aces in Buckethead, Lackey and Lester.  Knucklehead and Matzusuckass were gonna be the other arms until Clay Buchholz figured out how to pitch in the bigs.  And now we are deep into August and the Sox disabled list is more crowded than a box truck at the Mexico border.  Beckett and Lackey have simply been the reincarnation of Rick Wise and Oil Can Boyd.  Win some and look good... lose some and look like fahkin shitstains.  Lester has done more than his share and has been dominant at times... big props to the boy who kicked cancer in the nutsack.  Wake... well, I just like him.  Not as a pitcher, but just as a good all around guy.  And DoucheK should change his name to Matzuwalkthebasesloadedyouprick. 

So here is Buchholz nearing the end of September and is now the leader in the clubhouse in the fahkin Cy Young race.  The dude from Lumberton, Texas with the fahkin horror movie eyes is now 15-5 with a 2.26 ERA!  But even more impressive than his numbers is his proof that money, fame and a uniform goes a lot further than looks.  The Clayman hooked himself a keeper of huge proportions in Lindsey Clubine, his way hot bride.  Screw the Cy Young... now we know why he is pitching lights out... keeping his pitch count down so he can get his ass home and knock uglies with a supermodel.  Can you believe it????

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