Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Got No Ice Cream... Na Na Na Naaaa Na

Hey sports fans... guess the fuck what!  He didn't really mean it when he texted his friends that he was retiring.  I know... stunning freakin' development, right?  Good ol' Hillbilly #4 is at it again and we are all a punch of fucking morons for paying any attention.  Look... I can't resist either... I'm talking about it too.  Damn that prick!   Can somebody in the NFL please grow a set of castonettes?  Imagine for a minute that the Mississippi Crawfish Fucker held a roster spot in Foxboro instead of Minnesota.  Here's how that conversation will go...
BF:  Um, my ankle is not bouncing back.  I'm thinking I might not be able to play this year.
BB:  Your thinking is right.  Pack your fucking bags old man.  We don't need our season ending with a blind interception from some gunslinging douche bag anyway.

Hey.... didya catch sportscenter yesterday?  I mean, the AFraud Is Our Hero marathon....  600 ding dings is nothing to sneeze at...  props to Cameron Diaz' boyfriend and to his pharmacist...  way to fahkin go pretty boy.  But take a good look at Jeter's face and his comments when interviewed about his teammate's big homer... you tell me if that is a dude who is really happy for #13.  Jeezus, I've seen more excitement from fucking Eeyore.

Shaq Fatty has arrived.  Some people are thrilled... others (me) could care less.  But know this much....  he stands a better chance against the ice cream truck than this guy:  (thanks to Fitzy at Townie News for posting this and giving me the giggle of the week)

Come on now... you laughed.  I laughed so hard at that video, I woke the fukkin neighbors.  How many times have you been tempted to run over those little shits who just drag their oversized pants and skateboard sneakers across traffic???     STILL LAUGHING!

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