Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Braylon Edwards Not Taunting Anyone This Morning

Braylon EdwardsLOLOLOLOL....  Good fahkin luck Jets fans.  This is how the season is going to go for you.  When you have a coach who cannot control his own behavior or his lip smacking bullshit, it just breeds a lack of discipline and a locker room full of dumbasses!  Braylon Edwards showed himself to be a moron not once but twice Sunday with his taunting, running about behavior.  And with a history of stone hands that would make Terrell Owens envious and an assault charge in Cleveland to his credit, this guy is just a drunk driving arrest away from a complete bust.  WHAT'S THAT???   The bearded douche got pinched this morning at 5:15 am with a BAC of 0.16  (TWICE THE LEGAL LIMIT)?  It appears ol' Braylon should have dropped the last few drinks like they were perfectly thrown spirals.  And 5:15 am - that is some SERIOUS drunk driving there.  The only suprise here is that Rexy Ryan and Fireman Ed were not in the SUV with him, high fiving him on his big arrest.  Ya guys wanna be the rebels, the big talkers, the "we don't care what others think" kinda pricks?  That's gonna be a few games without Edwards....   LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Wonder if he did his whole "dougie dance" before they cuffed and stuffed his stupid ass.  Gang Green wants this type of team!  Well, they got it.  By the time Santonio Holmes returns from his 4 game suspension and Cromartie figures out his child support bills, Edwards will be serving his own time in the NFL Detention Class.  And I am happy once again.  Let's hear it again Rexy... you want to be that brass bunch of ass kickers and loud talkers, right?  LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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