Friday, September 17, 2010

Derek "Cheatah"? I Don't Think So

You know me... I am quicker than anyone to bitch about the Yankees.  I can even find fault somewhere in a Yankee donating money to kids with cancer or saving a two legged dog from a burning house.  But people...  Derek Jeter did NOT cheat the other night when he pretended to have been hit by a pitch.  Oh, he played it up like a soccer flopper and after the fact looks kinda re-gawdamn-diculous holding his arm like it's about to fall off and bent over in apparent pain (A-Rod's favorite DJeet position, by the way).  Replay showed the ball hit the end of Jeter's bat and came nowhere near his arm.  But the ump said take your base.  Was he supposed to say no thanks, it really didn't hit me?  Gimme a freakin' break.  His job is to get on base.  This is the pennant race shitheads!  The Yanks were down a run and needed a base runner.  I say bully for Jeter.  Next batter, Curtis Grandstander, lined a homerun into the seats.  BAM!  Yankees take the lead.  Bottom line, it worked and the prick did not cheat.  His only crime is the over acting.  Did he really need to stand there with his hands on his knees talking to a trainer, looking like he was about to pass out?  Really?  Just fukkin run to first base and get on with the game.  Either way, it all worked out in the end cuz that other prick, Rays Dan Johnson, hit a two run homer later in the game and the Rays won.  Big Rays fan these days, by the way.  Hate them nearly as much as the Yanks, but rooting hahd for those guys to win the pennant over the Spankees.

The real story should be what the fuck the umpire was thinking.  A 90 mph pitch hits a wooden bat directly on the handle.  Makes a slightly different sound than hitting a human being.  Apparently the dumbass in shinguards thought Jeter has wooden arms.  He said something about thinking it hit the elbow protector.  Whatever. 

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