Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humpin' Around

It's OHfishal, Sawx fans... WTNY.  Not a bad showing in oh 10 for the hometown boys, considering the clubhouse was more like a MASH unit most of the season.  Shit, last night's lineup was bookended by Eric Who the Fahk is That Patterson and Felipe When Did He Get Here Lopez.  Throw in a little Nava, Hall, Reddick, Anderson and McDonald and you got yerself one helluva a shitshow.  But hey, still "mathematically alive" until September 28th is pretty impressive.  If not for Lester and Buchholz, the Sawx would be battlin' the O's for basement space.

Buchholz, btw, has a legit shot at the Cy Young.  The biggest competition (AND I MEAN BIGGEST) is going to be SeeSee Safatass.  Clay has him in the ERA dept (a teeny weeny 2.33), but the fat one has got 21 wins and will have over 200 strikeouts by the time the p...p....p....playoffs start.  Unfortunately the Pinstripe Porkchop is gonna take it.

Stickin' with sports, I have to share this video...  Ike Ditzenberger is a senior at Snohomish High School in Seattle.  He has been on the football team since his freshman year.  With 10 seconds left in a game where his team was losing 35-0, Ike sprinted left and back to the right and turned straight down field for a 51 yard meaningless touchdown as time expired.  Normally, this type of touchdown would be considered a "garbage time" score.  But in no way is this touchdown "meaningless."

Ike has Down Syndrome.  He has been in the football program for 3 years and has practiced this play every day with his teammates.  Is this a REAL touchdown?  Nah, not really.  Is this lying to a kid who really believes he earned that touchdown?  In a way.  Did they let him score?  Hell yes, they let him score.  BUT, who gives a rat's ass about any of that?  Not me!  Two coaches, two teams, a few officials and hundreds of football fans went out of their way to give a young man a moment in time that he and his family will forever cherish!  It doen't matter that they let him score.  What matters is that Ike doesn't get to live the same kind of life as you and I.  What matters is that Ike, even if for just 51 yards, lived a better kind of life than you and I.  And watch the video closely... not the fans, not the opposing players, not the cheerleaders.... watch his teammates as they celebrate in the endzone with Ike.  And it becomes very clear that this is not a single moment in time.  Those young men have spent the past few years practicing with Ike and becoming his friends.  You cannot fake that kind of love and kindness.  THAT is not a lie.  For me, it was not so much about the touchdown.  It is more about how a football team came together and accepted Ike as one of their own.  THAT MY FRIENDS IS PRICELESS!! 

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