Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Not Harassment - He's Just Hungry

Rex Ryan swears he was not trying to harass anyone.  "I hadn't had a thing to eat since the triple stack of flapjacks at the mid-morning buffett, and at first glance I thought her ass was a cupcake."  When Ryan realized he was actually looking at Sainz' booty, he said he quickly left the locker room in search of lunch.  "I meant no disrespect to Miss Sainz.  Seriously, have you seen that ass?  Would you disrepect her?  I respect her with all my manboobs and welcome her into my office for one on one interviews every Monday if she wishes." 

Okay folks... real quick.. and this won't be well received by the millions of women who read this blog, but from this point on, I won't be very popular.... but I really don't care.  Ines Sainz has an incredibly hot ass.  She is also a "sports" reporter from Mexico (Notice what I said first, btw - cuz it's that ass that she WANTS you to notice first).  She has referred to herself in the past as the "Hottest Reporter in Mexico."  This was her attire (right) when covering the Super Bowl in 2009.  Wonder if Jackie MacMullan or Mike Wilbon were wearing similar outfits.  So, it's safe to say she wants to look hot.  According to Dos Tetas (google that shitheads), she felt harrassed and uncomfortable when she went into the Jets' locker room to interview Dirty Sanchez and players started calling out to her and talking amongst themselves about her body.  So Ines Sainz wants to be treated like every other professional reporter?  You be the judge and please be honest!  Take a look at Senorita Sainz...  an extra long look will be easy, by the way.  Let's face it!  She got her job BECAUSE she was a former Miss Spain and is responsible for countless Mexican boners (and at least one American one, by the way).  What the fuck does anyone think is going to happen in a locker room of over 50 guys in their 20's and 30's (and one big fat loudmouth in his 40's)?  I am not saying it is right.  And I am not saying they are excused for their behavior.  What I am saying is LOOK AT HER!  If if she or anyone else expected anything different, then the short bus will be there in the morning to pick you up.  And why do we think the Mexican tv station is sending her to locker rooms?  It's a room full of dudes and she is mucho caliente with a coolo I could eat dinner off.  Ever been in a sports bar and a hot chick walks in?  Take a close look at the body language and the head snapping that goes on.  It's what we do. 

So, what was Ines wearing that day at the Jets practice to cause all the hubbub?  She posted a picture of it to show us all.  Sure, this is not inappropriate attire and not deserving of crude behavior.  But a smoking hot dumper nonetheless.  Come on everyone!!  Even you ladies have to admit that is one backyard you wouldn't mind having a party in.  And let's be honest... do you think that when she did a catwalk twirl in front of the hotel mirror that morning she said to herself, "Now THERE'S the professional look I was going for.  The boys won't think of me as a hot chick in these jeans."  Yeah... right.

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