Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Manic Monday... on Tuesday

Took me a day to gather my thoughts after Danny Whatzhizname became the greatest player to wear #39 since Boney Maroney.  The Pats stormed to 2-1 on Sunday with an offensive showing big enough to hide the defensive woes that will haunt us fans for months.  I'm working only off stats and highlights here because I spent game day on the softball fields in Wrentham, just down the street from the Razor.  But here is what I saw:

Brady was OHFG (on his fukkin game) in this one.  Sure, it was against Buffalo, but the passes were back on target after that shit show last week in Jersey.  But the big fist pump after a first down run?  Really?....  The unappreciated only caught two passes, but they were both touchdowns (#150 and 151 of his career).  Apparently Brandon Tate wanted a front row seat for TD number 151 because nothing else could explain why he nearly collided with Moss on the second score.  Dude, stay the fuck out of the way, the Mossman is at work.... The tight end is in the house, by the way.  Hernandez was Brady's favorite target, with 7 passes thrown his way.  And the reverse call gave me football wood!.....  With the pickup of Danny Goodhead, the Pats now lead the league in short white guys.  The only thing they need at Gillette now is a yellow brick road, for crying out loud..... 

The Rest of the NFL:
The Stillers are FFR (for fahkin real), people.  With that defense, I think Dr. Ruth could be quarterback for the black and gold and still lead the Pittsburgers to victory.  They proved that this week when Charlie Beeyatch traded in his dentures for a mouthguard and looked like an all pro.  Sure, it was the Tampon Buccaneers, but that D has done it now for three weeks.  Game on at Heinz!!!

And the Giants, well, they are officially in the crapper!  And that makes me happy too.  Big tough disciplinarian Tom Turn Your Head And Coughlin may have lost his touch this season.  6 personal fouls proves that they just don't get it down there at the Slinky.  To the fans of the G-men, the 18 wins and 1 Giant loss retort has expired.  Barking that at a Patriot fan is much like Pabst Blue Ribbon bragging on their beer cans that they were voted America's Best Beer in 1893! 

From the "Makes Me Sad Division":
The Jets won again.  Fukkin Jets.  But Brainless Edwards proved he still does not get it.  Lucky to be playing because his coach can't find his own balls underneath that gut, Edwards scored a big touchdown and proceeded to do the same Dougie dance that brought a flag last week.  Shouldn't the dumb prick just score and run back to the sidelines?  Remember, he was out drinking with Donte Stallworth the night Stallworth killed someone driving drunk.  And remember that Edwards BAC was HIGHER than Stallworth that night.

The Colts.... well, this was a tough one, because I still cannot stand the smarmy look on Josh McDaniels baby face and remember his over the top celebration when the Broncs beat the Pats last year.  But that fukkin Peyton Manning is just regoddamdiculous.

Hate seeing Wade Phillips and his goofy ass celebrating on the sidelines when his team wins.  Seriously, watch this guy on the sidelines and the dumb looks on his mug.  Kinda looks like Archie Bunker after Edith tells him to get his own beer.

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