Thursday, September 16, 2010

NICKNAME WANTED - Meadowlands seeks an identity.

Because I freakin' love everything New York and New Jersey (he says with cutting sarcasm and notorious wit), I think the new shithole in East Rutherford needs a nickname... one that is befitting of the storied franchises that pay rent at Exit 16W.  Since Shithole is already taken by dingy dives and greasy pizza joints up and down the Turnpike, we need to come up with something else.  The Pats have the Razor, Eagles had the Vet and the 49ers the Stick.  University of Michigan plays at the Big House and the Florida Gators at The Swamp.

Ideas for the new Meadowlands:  The Dump, The House That Sanchez Ruined, Exit 16, The Graveyard (Hoffa reference), The Toilet,  The Giant Jet (blechhhhhh).   They are all okay...    but here is a picture of the new stadium.  I took one look and the first thing I thought of HAS to become the new moniker for Sexy Rexy's home stadium....   THE SLINKY!   Oh yeah, the muthafukkin Slinky!  How can you call it anything else?  Look at it!  It looks like a one of those little springs on it's last leg.

We all remember the song, right?

What's shiny and strong, but not for long,
and has a Fireman Ed?
A chump, a hump, a soon-to-be dump
Everyone come to The Slinky

The Slinky, the Slinky
The home of the Giants and Jets
It's Slinky, the Slinky
Hold on to your wal-LETS! 
(sorry, rhyming aint't my game and I am missing lunch)

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