Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OchoSink That Gun Up My Ass

So, Ochodicko claims he is gonna grab a musket off one of the Minutemen at Gillette Stadium if he puts 6 on the board next Sunday during the openah?  This moron has no freakin' clue what he is messing with now.  You see, Chad, that guy on the left - that's Sully and he's from South Boston.  And the second from the right is Donny Wingnuts from the North End.  Try grabbing the musket and you will have a bayonette suppository soonah than you can say "T.O. I love you man!"    It looks like a big giant game of grabass is going on over there in Cincy.  The two loud mouths are going to be hosting their own sports talk show in October and each have their own reality show on television.  But I am giving it until Halloween before the sports talk show is done and T.O. starts bitching about Carson Palmer favoring Dicko over him. 

And out of New York, Fatso got his man and Derelle Revis is back in uniform.  Fireman Ed must have a boner he can hang his helmet on with the return of the Island.  But really, the quotes from Revis are a bit over the top.  "It was hurting me so bad."  and "This experience humbled me so much."  If it was hurting so bad, why didn't you get your ass to camp?  This douche is working his way into T.O. class and he has only been around a few years.  Good Gawd.

Hey Mossman... SHUT UP!  There are other dudes in their last year of contracts.  You don't see the long haired quarterback speaking a freakin word about his contract and he has done just a LITTLE BIT more than you for the Patsies.  Just cuz you ain't signed, it does not mean they don't want you.  It just means they are waiting on the new bargaining agreement.  Look around skinny man... you ain't alone.  Suck it up and catch touchdowns, will you please?

The Stillers, my other favorite team, have announced who will start in place of the Ben Roethlisboner for the first four weeks... drum roll please.............  Dennis Dixon.  WHO???  The dude from Oregon?  I had wondered where that future hall of famer had ended up.  Well, it appears he is in black and gold and will be leading the Stillers to battle for the first four games.  Given the pass protection of Pittsburgh's O Line, it's a good thing that sumbitch is quick.  He's gonna need to use those legs to survive four games.  The other options:  QB Sunny Acres Nursing Home residents Charlie Batch and Bryon Leftwitch - but they have plans on Sundays, performing in the piano sing a long in dining room.  And Terry Bradshaw has another job.

AAAAHHHHH   Football season is on the way.   And how bout them Boise State Broncos????!!!!!!

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