Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Stimulus Money At Work

Just up the road a piece from my home, there is a road construction project going on.  Not exactly sure what they are doing, but it does involve some big fukkin yellow construction machinery, guys in yellow hats and orange vests and two dudes with STOP/SLOW signs.  Rumor has it they are building a sidewalk that will eventually stretch the one mile from the high school to the strip mall.  Whatever.  I have not seen much pedestrian traffic out there, but I get it.  If ever the employees at Blockbuster want to put together a walking group for their lunch hour, they now have a safe means of exercise.  Why am I ranting about this?  Well, that's what we in the writing business call an "introductory paragraph."  The sidewalk project has very little to do with my Monday morning bitch.  It's been a couple of weeks since I hammered my good buddy B. Hussein Obama... so here goes!  If you are one of those still expecting hope and change, you should click off now before I piss you off or you piss me off - I still love you all.

At both ends of this project, there stands a sign.  Not a "Slow Down Save A Life" sign or a "Speeding Fines Doubled in Work Zone" sign.  Nope... a sign that proudly tell you how this particular project is funded.  Apparently, the money for the project came from the 700 million beans Obie printed with his Stimulus program.  I get it... these projects put people to work and help make our roads better.  But tell me this... how much money went toward making the fukkin signs?  Do we really need to use taxpayer money to make signs to tell us how our taxpayer money is being spent?  A little research, and come to find out that the government spent over $20 million dollars on the signs nationwide.  I guess some Republicans and other conservatives started raising a stink last month about the Obie campaign signs (come on... that's what they are) and now they are mysteriously disappearing.  Shit, the signs all have the Recovery and Reinvestment Act logo clearly displayed.  A logo?  Who the fuck spent time creating a logo for an act of congress?  Seriously!!  A fukkin logo!  Did the Bill of Rights have a logo?  The first amendment?  Oh, by the way, take a look at the logo.  Kinda reminds one of B. Hussein Obama's campaign logo from two years ago.  Power of suggestion?  Good move.  The signs might as well say this:

On the bright side, Obie continues to do his part in creating jobs.  He created another job last week when he named Harvard law professor (fukkin shocking, I know) Elizabeth Warren as a "Special Adviser to the President" for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  By the way, she was not officially named to head up that agency because apparently Obie did not want to go through the Senate confirmation process that would have been required.  So let's make every fukkin Harvard faculty member a special adviser to the White House and put all those poor underpaid professors to work.  DOH!!!!

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