Friday, October 15, 2010

Well, it is Fahktober and you know what that means…. It’s all about the ta-tas. Pink is everywhere, as well it should be. Taking a page from the NFL, Chris’ high school football team purchased pink chin straps to wear during their games this month. HUGE props to the coach or whoever for doing their part in promoting breast cancer awareness to 75 young men. This is especially poignant because the mother of one of Chris’ teammates has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please keep her in your thoughts and if you are the praying type, give a big shoutout to your guy in the sky.

More Boobs In The News
(No, this is not about Joe Biden):
In Pittsfield, MA, a woman has gathered enough signatures (about 250) to place a non-binding question on the town ballot to free the titties. Catherine Gundelfinger is seeking gender equality when it comes to public nudity. Good ol’ Catherine thinks that women should be allowed to walk the streets, lie on the beaches and do jumping jacks on Main Street with the twins on full display. If approved, this referendum will send Pittsfield’s state rep to Beacon Hill with the job of introducing legislation to amend the definition of nudity that is currently on the Massachusetts books so that “no part of the female breast is included in the definition.” In other words, she wants “indecent exposure” to only encompass the lower regions - Hide your ass, but free your girls!

Hold on to your bra straps, people – this may stun you… I AM TOTALLY AGAINST THIS IDEA! And my objection has nothing to do with worrying about young kids seeing boobs at Chuck E Cheese. If someday topless women become an every day sight, it will destroy what is so endearing about a nice set of hooters. It’s the mystery of it all – it is seeing a woman with a good rack and wondering what’s happenin under the hood. It’s that silent “TA DAA!! We’ve got nipple!” voice in our head when the shirt first comes off. If you can just as easily see a set of guns at Market Basket, then the suspense is gone!

And here’s another reason why releasing the hounds is a very bad idea. Have you even been to Pittsfield? No? I know this: Motorboats and trampolines will be the furthest thing from your mind out there. Just take a walk through your local Wal-Mart and looky see the women roaming the aisles. And now I want you to picture them all topless! GET THE HINT??? Just cuz you got boobs, it doesn’t mean you got boobs I wanna see. Put those things back under cover fahchrissake! My money says that if the question passes in Pittsfield, come next November, men of all ages will be canvassing the neighborhoods rounding up signatures to repeal the new definition of nudity.

Since today is the Ides of Fahktober, what better time than now to hear from Rodney Carrington, Disciple of the Bosom.

University of Missipussi Rebel Black Bears

The University of Mississippi has revealed its new mascot.  It is a cute and gaw dam harmless black bear, officially the Rebel Black Bear.  Pussies!  Their new mascot should be a fahkin jellyfish to represent the lack of spine and intestinal fortitude of the university administration.  If you haven't been following this and if you could give a bag of balls about Ole Miss and their mascot woes, here's the Cliff Notes:  Ole Miss Rebels have had a mascot for many years.  His name was Colonel Reb.  He looked like a cross between Colonel Sanders and Grandpa Walton.  The image of Colonel Reb has been loudly criticized as being racist in nature, a representation of a southern plantation owner conjuring up images of slavery, and was removed from the football sidelines in 2003.  It took seven years of arguing, petitions and polls to come up with the new mascot. 

So what did the dingbats in Mississippi come up with?  A black bear!  Oh, the nickname is still the Rebels.  So the mascot will be called the Rebel Black Bear.  GMAFB!!!  That would be like the Patriots having a fuckin' bulldog for their mascot or the Cowboys having a leprechaun.  If they wanted to go all pussy on their students and rid the school of the mascot, they should have dropped the nickname too.  And not just "Rebels."  Ole Miss is a nickname for a slave owner's wife.  All or nothing, dummies. 

The other finalists in the mascot lottery were the Rebel Land Sharks (fukkin stoopid) and Hotty Toddy (who the hell knows what that is?).  So this begs the question.... what exactly is a Rebel Black Bear?  It is a bear that refuses to shit in the woods?  Or does he represent the black bear militia devoted to overthrowing the oppressive grizzly regime? 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

He's Gone Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs. THEY WILL WORK WITH ME

(Note from Ken:  to my friends and family who hate my opinion.... DO NOT READ...  CLICK HERE instead!  You will like that a whole lot more.  Hey, we aim to please.)

Okay, now that they are gone, I can get down to business.

You all know I suspected it... but I think there is some proof out there that our wonderful President is one delusional sad sack of woe.  Faced with the possible (some say pretty fahkin likely) scenario of the Elephants taking a shitload of seats away from the Donkeys in 20 days, Obie is now talking about how he would deal if his party loses their majority.  And surprise surprise surprise.... he is putting the onus on the Republicans.  Directly from an interview with New York Times Magazine (aka The Obama Hit Parade), he says the other side of the aisle is going to learn to work with him.  HUH?   Seriously... HUH???
"It may be that regardless of what happens after this election, they feel more responsible, either because they didn't do as well as they anticipated, and so the strategy of just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs didn't work for them, or they did reasonably well, in which case the American people are going to be looking to them to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way."
So let me get this straight...  translating ObieSpeak here:  If the Republicans do not do well in the elections, then they are going to have to start giving in to the Democrat agenda (in a twisted kind of way, that at least makes sense).  But if the GOP does fare well and somehow assumes a majority, he says the Americans are going to want them to work with the Democrat agenda.  What the fuck?     Mr. President, HERE IS A CLUE FOR YOU:  It was President Obama in the Rose Garden with the Candlestick up his ass.  No, seriously, here is the deal:  If the American voters speak in 20 days and kick a shitload of donkeys out of office, it is YOU and YOUR PARTY that might need to reconsider some of YOUR agenda.

B. Hussein also expressed some regrets about his first two years in office, not the least of which is that he allowed the Republicans to make him out to be "the same old tax and spend Democrat."  Hellooooooooo.... earth to Barack....  it's your taxing and spending that has made you out to be a tax and spend Democrat.  A kajillion dollars to bail out banks, auto industries and Harvard professors!  Sounds like spending to me.  That is like when a wife asks her husband, "Does this dress make my ass look fat?"  The correct answer here, of course, is:  "No, honey.  It's your fat ass that makes your ass look fat." 

He also regrets focusing only on policy and ignoring the sales pitch to the public.  Now he has not only gone cukoo for cocoa puffs, he is insulting the American public.  It is apparent that Obama believes the problems his party is facing have little to do with substance and more to do with lack of marketing.  Joe Biden is quoted as saying that Democrats are not running on stimulus, healthcare or finanical reform because it is "too hard to explain to voters."  Any voter not insulted by that bullshit should not be allowed in the ballot stall. 

I'm done here....   toodle loo shitheads!

Pass Of The Week: Featuring Brett Favre's Balls

Well, Favre and Moss may have pissed me off Monday by losing to Dirty Sanchez and Gang Green... but this video made me feel so much better about the old fuck.  It just goes to show you - If you text pictures of your johnson to unsuspecting chicks, karma will hit you in the berries with a spiral.  WOOOOOOOO  (Proper credit for me seeing this gem belongs to Fitzy and

Since I am posting videos of assholes who get paid to play professional sports, the biggest doucheberry on skates made the highlights this week and again, it is a short clip that makes me smile.  Sean Avery is a tool and the entire NHL knows that.  So this video is that much more enjoyable.

They say Wisniewski might be fined or suspended for his gesture.  I'm calling bullshit on that!  With everything Avery has done in his career, a pickle smoking gesture should draw nothing but a pat on the ass and a "Good one, man!"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Premature Extrication: Chilean Miners Rescued Earlier Than Hoped

Consider me ohfishally impressed! I settled into the rack last night after an hour of SAMCRO shenanigans and turned on the news fully expecting to see more of the same bullshit stories about the Massachusetts goober-natorial race and the dipshit skydiver who got stuck in a tree two fahkin days ago! But instead of my favorite head to toe shot of Maria “Ho-Go boots” Stephanos, I was looking at a bunch of dudes in orange vests and hard hats standing around a pipe sticking out of the ground, honestly looking like they were trying to decide which one was going to take a piss first. But the scroll at the bottom of the screen enlightened my sleepy brain – they were moments away from the first Chilean miner being pulled from the fuckin’ ground after 69 days in a hole. What the fahk? Last I had heard, it was not going to be until Christmas before these sorry shits could be rescued. It’s still the middle of Fahktober and here they come!!!

The camera kept panning over to a little boy in a blue jacket and white hard hat… we were told that his father was the miner taking that historic first capsule ride to fresh air and a burrito dinner. And I gotta tell you…. When that capsule came out of the ground, it was like the MTV rocket taking off. And when they opened the hatch for the first miner to unfold himself and come out, the look on that boy’s face as he ran to his papi was about as feel good as it can get! The tight hug and the tears said it all… aw, shit, I am getting goosebumps again just typing about it.

So why am I impressed? Think about this for a minute… first of all, these poor pricks have been 2300 feet under ground for 69 dark days and nights – that’s a long time with no nookie. The last time they saw the light of day, the Red Sox still had a shot and Rahm Emanuel was still kissing Obie’s ass. But every time we would see images of these guys, they were always in good moods, cheering like they were at a Shakira concert.

So how the hell were these guys gonna get out of the mine that had totally closed up around them? Cue the Chilean navy and NASA engineers. These two groups worked together in designing a rescue capsule and system of extrication that makes Lassie pulling Jimmy out of the well look like small beans. First, they had to drill 2300 feet down to the safe area, banking on good aim to break through above where the miners actually were partying. Fuck, I have a hard enough time trying to find a 2x4 behind ¾ inch of sheet rock without denting the shit out of my wall with a hammer! Then they lined the shaft with a steel pipe, the diameter of a basketball hoop. The capsule would be lowered down to the miners and one by one, they would take the 20 minute ride to freedom. But before these dudes could even get into the capsule, they had to endure a 2000 calorie diet for weeks to make sure their waist sizes were 37 inches or less. Talk about shit luck, as if it ain’t bad enough to be buried in a mine collapse, when they finally figure out how to send food and drink to you, it is lettuce, rice cakes and water. Not even a sniff of tequila or so much as a nibble off a chalupa.

So today the rescue continues… every hour or so, another miner makes that triumphant rise to the surface, hugs his family and gets whisked off to a medical tent for prodding and probing. Not sure how they decided the order of rescue, but I am betting this guy will be last

Monday, October 11, 2010

Manic Bye Week Monday

Hey yo shitheads!!!   The Flyin' Elvis took the weekend off, so my Sunday was filled with sittin' around outside, nursin' a 24 beer hangover from the night before.  Word to the wise... after swillin' a couple drafts while your kids are touring SpookyWorld, do NOT sneak into the VIP bonfire area.  And more importantly, do not take it upon yourself and toss a 15 foot log into the bonfire with the help of a buddy.  Apparently, the wood police don't like it when you throw safety to the shitter.  So, after nearly getting tossed from Nightmare New England, we thought it would be best to just go home.

Yesteday's NFL Boner was brought to you courtesy of the Dallas Donkeys when they found a new way to lose and make yours truly a happy man.  After a few hours of watching Dumbo throw to the wrong team, Jason Whitten tied the game and then earned himself an excessive celebration penalty.  The ensuing kickoff was from their own 15 yard line.  And the Cowboys special teams decided it was their turn to shit their pants and allowed the return to their own 20, and then tacked on another personal foul penalty when kicker decided the pull the Titans return dude by the face cage.  Bam....  game over, thanks for playing, and oh yeah... nice stadium you got there asshole.  Wade Phillips spent post game bitching about the celebration penalty when the sad sack should have been bitching about his team's failure to cover a kickoff and for their 12 fahkin penalties during the game.  

The rest of Sunday was great as well, including the Oakland taking a shit on Rivers and the Chargers and Josh McDaniels losing again.  And me never being a big fan of ANYTHING Notre Dame, I must confess that my favorite stat line of the day falls next to Jimmy "Losing Record In College" Clausen....9 for 22 for 61 yards and a pick.  Sadly, he wasn't even the worst quarterback on the field... Bears QB Todd Collins was 6 for 16 for 32 yards and 4 picks.  That's a fahkin QB rating of 6.2... LOLOLOL.  But the Bears won... proving once again that Clausen certainly knows how to lose.  By the way, can someone explain to me why a university with a wikkid French name (Notre Dame) is called the Fighting Irish?  Did they feel the French Ladies was not tough sounding?   How about the Running French?

Oh yeah... Saturday had its moments for me as well... not the least of which was watching Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide choke on a hair ball and fall to the South Carolina Gamecocks  (hheeeeee, I said cocks).  The only problem there is that another douchebag coach was on the winning side.  I would rather see Saban and Steve Spurrier in a fight to the death that ends in a draw.

Tonight, we get to watch the Mossman play his first game with the guy with moss on his back.  I am just hoping to hear more stories about Favre texting pictures of his junk to hot reporters.  Rumor has it that Old #4 also sent a few prick pics to Moss to entice him to come play for the Vikes.  "Hey Randy, check out my tool.  When I tug on it, it looks like a Viking horn." 

Okay... that's about all I got... time to sweep the chimney, cover the pool and send a letter of apology to Spooky World.  Adios bitches!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Obama Buys Out Glee to Close Enthusiasm Gap

Just call them Gleeks.  Plagued by an "enthusiasm gap" that has the Democrat party shaking in their panties, majority leaders authored a new bill that experts say will close that gap and ensure a hold on the majority status in both houses.  The bill earmarks federal dollars to purchase 51 percent ownership of the popular Fox television series, Glee.  Effective immediately, the cast of the musical hit will feature such television personalities as Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and will introduce Christopher Dodd as the singing janitor.

Given the popularity of Glee, the Democrats are hoping that the teenage fans of the television show will be able to convince their parents into voting for the cast members.  Also included in the bill is an item that changes voting laws to allow teenage girls the right to vote.  That ought to beef up the enthusiasm.  "This was Sasha's idea and I love it." said a boastful President Obama during a press conference. 

What about the show itself?   "President Obama has an incredibly average voice and could contend for an Emmy," claimed Executive Producer Brad Falchuk.  The shows producers will provide Mr. Obama with a hat to keep his ears from disrupting camera lines.  "He will need to learn how and when to turn his head so as not to obstruct his fellow players."  They will also place teleprompters all around the sound stage to help the President remember his lines.  Pelosi will not be given any singing scenes but rather will use her talents to play the role of a standup plant in the corner of the Principal's office.  Dodd expects to be the fan favorite known for his whimsical dance pieces with a mop and bucket.

The measure also represents a marriage of strange bedfellows.  The White House administration just a year ago attempted to ban Fox reporters from White House events and pleaded with Americans to boycott the network in its entirety.  So what are we to think about this unlikely partnership?  The reality is that now that the government has assumed control of the auto industry and the healthcare industry, they have turned their sights toward Fox.  "What better way to control your enemies than to just buy them out?" said Pelosi.  "Glee is just the beginning.  Soon, we will own American Idol and we will bring back 24, this time starring new hero Bill Clinton as Jack Blowhard."

The bill does not come without controversy.  The Republicans are criticizing the methods the Democrats used in getting the bill passed.  The bill sped through the Senate and the House without a single opposition vote.  "They used deception in order to have their bill float through.  It was dirty politics and we are not happy about that," claims Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  "Just as we were walking into the chamber, someone yelled out that Glen Beck was having an impromptu rally on the Capitol steps.  Obviously, we all ran back outside."  Once the chamber was free of Republicans, the Democrats locked the doors and quickly held their vote. 

So now, with the government takeover of Glee complete, expect to see this "enthusiasm gap" shrink down to a more manageable "ambivalence gap" as the Democrats seek to maintain their stronghold on Congress.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


What the fahk, Bill?  Ocho Uno says Wahhhh and you say good bye?  And don't any of you know-nothings give me that shit I just heard Lavanchy on Fox 25 spout....  "blah blah blah, they routed Miami and Moss had no catches... blah blah blah... how badly do they need him?... blah fahkin blah!"   Listen up dickheads - part of the reason the Oompa Loompa ran for 4 yards a clip and caught his touchdown pass was because the safety spent his time helping cover Moss.  Take Moss off the field and the Fins are NOT doubling Tate.  The Patsies NEED MOSS!!!   Nobody else will do.  They need to force the defense to provide help over the top against the deep threat.  Who cares if he is under appreciated or unhappy?  He plays the game and hurts opponents.  KEEP HIM!!

Well, I will say this:  Moss was the PERFECT Patriot while here, his game one rant not withstanding.  All he did was set a few receiving records, give the Pats a shot at the perfect season and open up the middle of the field for the Slot Machine to lead the NFL in receptions.  They should have signed his ass over the summer and then worry about the fahkin defense.  Oh well....  what are the odds they bring in another itty bitty white guy to replace Mossman?

Okay... my anger is subsiding....   mostly because I saw this this morning:

Since the 2010 Idiots are still healing their wounds and golfing their asses off this October, I relish the memories of that glorious October in 2004.  Damn, I hate fahkin memories....  nothing like the present.  GO TWINS!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tired Tuesday... Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

It only took 103 yahds and a blur known as Brandon Holy Fuck Tate to make us Pats fans forget a first half that sucked Dolphin balls.  The Pats spent the entire first half tackling grass and helping Ricky The Blunt Williams look like the powerhouse back Ditka drafted in N'awlens a hundred years ago.  And Chad Henne lit up the young and shitty secondary for two quarters.  Thank god Rob Ninkovich wore his pink gloves and picked Henne twice or the halftime score could have been a lot worse.

And then everybody wang Chung tonight.  The defensive back who bears no visible likeness to Connie Chung or Eugene Chung and looks as much like a Chung as I do a Suarez.  Blocked a punt, blocked a field goal and went all pick six on Henne's ass in the fourth quarter for the final nail.  And Woody proved to everyone that the #39 jersey aint for dancers afterall.  He ran like a fukkin maniac through the line of big dudes and ALWAYS got positive yardage (see Maroney note below) for a 4.2 YPFC.  The Mossman only made one appearance during the game when he dropped a ball in the endzone on the fake spike play.  For the first time in his Patriot career, 81 does not show up in the receiving box score.  But that's okay.. I saw him smiling on the sidelines and celebrating BJGE's score in the third quarter. 

But there are some things that are going to keep bandwagon in the slow lane, if you will.  The interceptions aside, the defense still blows!  They gave up 400 fukkin yards to the Fins.  It's a good thing Henne had a hard time figuring out which uniform to throw to.  And why the hell is Wilfork lining up on the left?  Billy boy, you are making it easy for the offense to decide which way to run.  Gun 27 Laser blast Check Silver AWAY FROM THE FAT GUY on hut!  Put him back in the middle where he can eat up two gaps and force the offense to be honest.  And I'm still not convinced we can go the whole season with BJGE and Little Woody as our feature backs.  Come on Oakland... keep losing.  We need Ingram.

Elsewhere in my football world:

Boney Maroney is dancing again.  This guy is freakin' ridiculous and makes me realize that the little white dude wearing his jersey is much more fun to watch.  Maroney's line on Sunday read 11 carries for 5 fukkin yards.  That's less than a half a yard a carry!  The Bronco fans used to the likes of Terrel Davis, Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, etc, must be losing their shit in the thin air.  And in typical Maroney fashion, he fumbled the ball in the pile when just trying to run out the clock. 

The Colts forgot to bring their defense to Jacksonville on Sunday.  Finger lickin' Manning did his thing again with a two minute drive to tie the game... fukkin Manning!  But then the legendary David Garrard did enough of his own magic and led the Jags to the 42 yard line where Josh Scobee made a 59 yard field goal look like an extra point.  Jags win, Peyton drops his head, Kenny boy is very happy.

All the freakin' hubbub about Michael Vick will slow down for a week.  Listen people, I get it that the guy is electrifying and a proven winner.  But the reason that a running wild quarterback is a bad idea was evident on Sunday when Vick was the meat in a Redskin sandwich at the goal line on a play that got called back anyway.  But Vick was hurtin' and off to the locker room he went.  Enter Kevin Kolb and an Eagle loss.

My other team dropped their first game of the year.  The Stillers endured their 4 games without the brain injured rapist and came out of it with a 3-1 record.  But they had this game in hand until Joe Flacco decided to throw a pass on target with 37 seconds left to take the win away from Pittsburgh.  Their defense is the reason for the impressive start.  Add Roethlisberger to the mix and, well, the defense will still be what carries this team.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Not for nuthin, but THIS is what golf should ALWAYS be like.  Screw the gentleman shit and the "I confess, I broke the rules, I disqualify myself" wahwah.  The Ryder Cup turns it up a few hundred notches.  I want to see galleries booing and cheering.  I want to see over the top celebrating, high fives and touchdown dances.  And this Ryder Cup did it for me.  I fahkin hate watching golf.  There is way too much whispering and not nearly enough club throwing for this guy.  But, across the pond this weekend, the lawn was littered with Brits hootin' and hollerin' for their guys and razzing the yanks.  And there was this:

Holy shite!!  Jeff Overton may be a bit contrived here and they may look like a couple of tools... but c'mon... this is AWESOME!!  The only thing that would have topped that if he had done the Braylon Edwards Dougie Dance.  Fahk the manners, the etiquette and the 4pm tea.  This is sports baby!

Now, here are just a few things to add to the Ryder Cup to turn it into Must See TV.  Since it is kinda like weekend golf with your buddies, let's go all out.  I want to see longest drive, closest to the pin, and longest iron toss.  Beers and dogs after nine holes.  Caddies handing the golfers beers from the bag.  Chicks in bikini tops working the beer carts.   Cart racing on the par 3's... (Tiger will need to be careful of the trees).  Foot wedges and penny ball markers.  Snow angels in the sand traps and taking a piss in the trees.  I wanna see golfers walk in their putting lines and coughing on the back swing.  NOW WE ARE FAHKIN TALKING!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lebron Says WHAT??

Happy Fahktober shitheads!!  What better way to start the first month of autumn than with some nonsense spewing from the bunghole known as ESPN?    But away we go.   NEWS BULLETIN:  If you are among the many who suddenly despise Leblowme James and the Miami Heat, word on the strizeet is that you are a racist.  The self proclaimed King of his own mind, along with his money grabbing agent, have said that the coverage of James' decision making process this summer was race based.  But of course, these two blowhards would not cite specifics.  James was asked on CNN if race played a factor in the negative headlines surrounding his one hour donkey shit television special to announce his big decision to take his "talents to South Beach."  His answer:  "I think so, at times.  It's always, you know, a race factor."  His manager said race "definitely played a role in the stuff coming out of the media."  Give me a fahkin' break.  Narcisism at it's fukkin finest here.  The negative headlines and the pissed off reaction of sports fans EEM (Everywhere Except Miami) have nothing to do with the fact that LeBron is black.  It is based in the fact that he made a fukkin show centered around his decision, like it was the fukkin Oscars - And the winner is:  MIAMI!   If LeBron had just done what every other free agent has done in every sport for years (sign contract, fly to new city, put on new uniform jersey, answer questions), the only people pissed would have been the Cavalier fans.  But, because of the way he did it:  Creating a one hour television special and making it very clear that puts himself above every other player in the league is going to result in one thing:  Fans and media calling bullshit on his ass.  And a few days later, the big introduction extravaganza, complete with lasers and a smoke show, pushed it WAY THE FUK OVER THE TOP!

In general, I respect Mike Wilbon and love PTI.  But he came off like an asshole yesterday when he agreed that race was playing a role here.  He claimed that the main reason white people are responding negatively toward LeBron's leaving Cleveland is because they did not like the fact that a black man could choose his own path, rather than being shuffled around like a pawn.  Hey fukhead... free agency happens all the time.  And trades happen all the time.  Whether you are white or black, you might find your ass traded away.  And whether you are white or black, you will become a free agent and make your own decision where you are gonna play.  LeBron James is not the first athlete to go to where the money was.  We sports fans get that and are used to that.  But LeBron James IS the first douche to hold a one-hour television special, name it "The Decision" and announce to the world his intentions.  You see, Mr. Wilbon (and Jalen Rose and JA Adande as well), the moment you elevate yourself above your peers, you are gonna get shit.  AND A WHOLE LOT OF IT.  Pay attention to the negative headlines about Brett Favre.  It is the same fukkin thing:  Don't waste my time being the center of attention and making a show of yourself.  Tell me Wilbon, was race a factor in the adulation and worship of King James BD (before decision)?  Did it play a role when his fahkin high school games were aired on your network?  Was it a factor when his jersey was the #2 selling NBA jersey for 4 years running, behind only Kobe?  Or when his sneakers were outselling Air Jordans?   Now I have never met him, but I've seen him on television and I am pretty sure he was black when everyone seemed to love him.  And take a peek at this famous photo...  Obviously the two guys in the back are pissed because Lebron is black and the guy in the front is just looking to light his cigarette.

So race is now at the center of discussions about LeBron James.  But the "King" has nobody to blame but himself.  And I don't give a Big Three what you say, I am still rooting for three torn ACL's in Miami by December.