Friday, October 1, 2010

Lebron Says WHAT??

Happy Fahktober shitheads!!  What better way to start the first month of autumn than with some nonsense spewing from the bunghole known as ESPN?    But away we go.   NEWS BULLETIN:  If you are among the many who suddenly despise Leblowme James and the Miami Heat, word on the strizeet is that you are a racist.  The self proclaimed King of his own mind, along with his money grabbing agent, have said that the coverage of James' decision making process this summer was race based.  But of course, these two blowhards would not cite specifics.  James was asked on CNN if race played a factor in the negative headlines surrounding his one hour donkey shit television special to announce his big decision to take his "talents to South Beach."  His answer:  "I think so, at times.  It's always, you know, a race factor."  His manager said race "definitely played a role in the stuff coming out of the media."  Give me a fahkin' break.  Narcisism at it's fukkin finest here.  The negative headlines and the pissed off reaction of sports fans EEM (Everywhere Except Miami) have nothing to do with the fact that LeBron is black.  It is based in the fact that he made a fukkin show centered around his decision, like it was the fukkin Oscars - And the winner is:  MIAMI!   If LeBron had just done what every other free agent has done in every sport for years (sign contract, fly to new city, put on new uniform jersey, answer questions), the only people pissed would have been the Cavalier fans.  But, because of the way he did it:  Creating a one hour television special and making it very clear that puts himself above every other player in the league is going to result in one thing:  Fans and media calling bullshit on his ass.  And a few days later, the big introduction extravaganza, complete with lasers and a smoke show, pushed it WAY THE FUK OVER THE TOP!

In general, I respect Mike Wilbon and love PTI.  But he came off like an asshole yesterday when he agreed that race was playing a role here.  He claimed that the main reason white people are responding negatively toward LeBron's leaving Cleveland is because they did not like the fact that a black man could choose his own path, rather than being shuffled around like a pawn.  Hey fukhead... free agency happens all the time.  And trades happen all the time.  Whether you are white or black, you might find your ass traded away.  And whether you are white or black, you will become a free agent and make your own decision where you are gonna play.  LeBron James is not the first athlete to go to where the money was.  We sports fans get that and are used to that.  But LeBron James IS the first douche to hold a one-hour television special, name it "The Decision" and announce to the world his intentions.  You see, Mr. Wilbon (and Jalen Rose and JA Adande as well), the moment you elevate yourself above your peers, you are gonna get shit.  AND A WHOLE LOT OF IT.  Pay attention to the negative headlines about Brett Favre.  It is the same fukkin thing:  Don't waste my time being the center of attention and making a show of yourself.  Tell me Wilbon, was race a factor in the adulation and worship of King James BD (before decision)?  Did it play a role when his fahkin high school games were aired on your network?  Was it a factor when his jersey was the #2 selling NBA jersey for 4 years running, behind only Kobe?  Or when his sneakers were outselling Air Jordans?   Now I have never met him, but I've seen him on television and I am pretty sure he was black when everyone seemed to love him.  And take a peek at this famous photo...  Obviously the two guys in the back are pissed because Lebron is black and the guy in the front is just looking to light his cigarette.

So race is now at the center of discussions about LeBron James.  But the "King" has nobody to blame but himself.  And I don't give a Big Three what you say, I am still rooting for three torn ACL's in Miami by December.

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