Monday, October 4, 2010


Not for nuthin, but THIS is what golf should ALWAYS be like.  Screw the gentleman shit and the "I confess, I broke the rules, I disqualify myself" wahwah.  The Ryder Cup turns it up a few hundred notches.  I want to see galleries booing and cheering.  I want to see over the top celebrating, high fives and touchdown dances.  And this Ryder Cup did it for me.  I fahkin hate watching golf.  There is way too much whispering and not nearly enough club throwing for this guy.  But, across the pond this weekend, the lawn was littered with Brits hootin' and hollerin' for their guys and razzing the yanks.  And there was this:

Holy shite!!  Jeff Overton may be a bit contrived here and they may look like a couple of tools... but c'mon... this is AWESOME!!  The only thing that would have topped that if he had done the Braylon Edwards Dougie Dance.  Fahk the manners, the etiquette and the 4pm tea.  This is sports baby!

Now, here are just a few things to add to the Ryder Cup to turn it into Must See TV.  Since it is kinda like weekend golf with your buddies, let's go all out.  I want to see longest drive, closest to the pin, and longest iron toss.  Beers and dogs after nine holes.  Caddies handing the golfers beers from the bag.  Chicks in bikini tops working the beer carts.   Cart racing on the par 3's... (Tiger will need to be careful of the trees).  Foot wedges and penny ball markers.  Snow angels in the sand traps and taking a piss in the trees.  I wanna see golfers walk in their putting lines and coughing on the back swing.  NOW WE ARE FAHKIN TALKING!!!!

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