Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pass Of The Week: Featuring Brett Favre's Balls

Well, Favre and Moss may have pissed me off Monday by losing to Dirty Sanchez and Gang Green... but this video made me feel so much better about the old fuck.  It just goes to show you - If you text pictures of your johnson to unsuspecting chicks, karma will hit you in the berries with a spiral.  WOOOOOOOO  (Proper credit for me seeing this gem belongs to Fitzy and

Since I am posting videos of assholes who get paid to play professional sports, the biggest doucheberry on skates made the highlights this week and again, it is a short clip that makes me smile.  Sean Avery is a tool and the entire NHL knows that.  So this video is that much more enjoyable.

They say Wisniewski might be fined or suspended for his gesture.  I'm calling bullshit on that!  With everything Avery has done in his career, a pickle smoking gesture should draw nothing but a pat on the ass and a "Good one, man!"

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