Wednesday, October 6, 2010


What the fahk, Bill?  Ocho Uno says Wahhhh and you say good bye?  And don't any of you know-nothings give me that shit I just heard Lavanchy on Fox 25 spout....  "blah blah blah, they routed Miami and Moss had no catches... blah blah blah... how badly do they need him?... blah fahkin blah!"   Listen up dickheads - part of the reason the Oompa Loompa ran for 4 yards a clip and caught his touchdown pass was because the safety spent his time helping cover Moss.  Take Moss off the field and the Fins are NOT doubling Tate.  The Patsies NEED MOSS!!!   Nobody else will do.  They need to force the defense to provide help over the top against the deep threat.  Who cares if he is under appreciated or unhappy?  He plays the game and hurts opponents.  KEEP HIM!!

Well, I will say this:  Moss was the PERFECT Patriot while here, his game one rant not withstanding.  All he did was set a few receiving records, give the Pats a shot at the perfect season and open up the middle of the field for the Slot Machine to lead the NFL in receptions.  They should have signed his ass over the summer and then worry about the fahkin defense.  Oh well....  what are the odds they bring in another itty bitty white guy to replace Mossman?

Okay... my anger is subsiding....   mostly because I saw this this morning:

Since the 2010 Idiots are still healing their wounds and golfing their asses off this October, I relish the memories of that glorious October in 2004.  Damn, I hate fahkin memories....  nothing like the present.  GO TWINS!!!

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