Monday, December 24, 2012

Patsies Christmas Eve: Wikkid Quick Recap

Well... they got outta there with a win.  And Gisele danced around in the cave for all to enjoy.  But it shoulda, woulda, coulda been way the fahk easier than that.

See Pats fly.  Fly Pats Fly.
See Hoodie get off the plane in a hoodie in Florida like an asshole.  Asshole, Hoodie, asshole.
See Tommy tan.  Tan Tommy tan.

See Jags score.  Score?  Really?  Score?
See Jags score again.  What the fuck, Dick?
See Tommy suck.  Suck Tommy Suck.

See Welkah catch.  Catch Welkah, catch.
See BigFork eat fried green tomatoes.  Nope, didn't see that.
See BigFork forearm shiver that sorry dude.  Forearm shiver, Vince, forearm shiver.

See Gregory intercept and skedattle.  Skedattle, Steve, skedattle.
See Chandler Bing do the nut stomp!  Nut stomp, Chandler, nut stomp.
See Hoodie pout.  Pout Hoodie, pout.

See Welkah break Jerry Rice's record for most 10 catch games.  Gloat, Welkah, gloat.
What's that?  See Houston lose?  Yeah, lose Texans, fukkin lose!!
Still a chance for a bye?  Pray, Pats. Pray.

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