Monday, December 17, 2012

Patsies Recap: Well, The Second Half Was Fun

First things first....  the NFL did Newtown proud yesterday.  From helmet decals to tributes on their clothing, the players made sure we all realized that these games matter nothing in the face of what happened in Connecticut on Friday.  The Minutemen at Gillette stood guard in the endzone WITHOUT their muskets for the first time ever.  There would be no minimizing or forgetting...  the NFL grabs the attention of the majority of this country every Sunday.  The NFL understood its responsibility in paying tribute to the angels who were taken much too soon and will now light the path before us.  God speed Newtown!!!

Victor Cruz of the NYG honors 6 year old Jack Pinto, a huge Cruz fan.


I guess they were bound to have a puke fest in December at some point!  But why last night man??  Oh sure, the Patsies showed grit and determination and intestinal fortitude in the second half.  But they would not have needed that had they not pissed down their legs before most of the lubed up drunkards in Gronk jerseys found their seats.  Credit to Kaepernicus or Copperhead or whatever the fuck that kid's name is.... he showed up in Foxboro in did what really no other quarterback has done in 10 years...  walked out of the Razor with a victory in December.

The home boys lost the turnover game... TMFB tossed a real bad one in the first quarter on a play were Welkah was held.  But that ball was being picked, hold or no hold.  Shitful decision, Tommy Boy!  Ben Vereen and Rodney Allen Ridley went all buttah fingahs and coughed the ball up too.  That's always the story of the game, right?  Give the ball away too many times, you ain't winning no matter how much intestinal fortitude you find in the fourth quarter.  And before you know it, Peyton is the #2 seed and yer gonna have to beat him in the thin air.  FUCK!!!

That friggin' Aldon Smith (#99 in your program, people) looked early on like he was single handedly gonna make Brady do the poopoo in the diaper all night.  Smith made Solder look like a sock monkey and was all over the formerly presumed MVP.  Or so it seemed.  But then I look at the box score... all the way at the bottom.  Smith only had one tackle and the only two QB hits he had were on the first Pats drive.  Guess Solder pulled up his jock and said "Let's play!"

Don't care... sorry, but I just like the Moss Man.  Probably because he has a boner for the Patriots organization.  And the dude took a vicious hit from Mayo and Arrington early... shit, did Moss EVER go across the middle for us???  I gotta admit, after that hit I announced at the Patsy Party I was at that 84 was done for the night.  Instead, two players later he was behind two defenders and hauling in a perfect strike from Kappalack.  GAWDAM!!!

Woodhead and Lloyd showed up last night.  The fukkin Hobbit had 17 touches last night and turned them into 85 yards and 2 scores.  Meanwhile, the days of Brady not trusting Lloyd and staying away from him are a thing of the past, huh?  2 weeks ago, ONE TARGET.  Last night, Lloyd saw the ball come his way SIXTEEN TIMES!!!  And he keeps making these outside the numbers, twisting, toe dancing catches on the sidelines.

Hey, the Niners are friggin' good.  Didn't think they would drop 41 points on our asses, so that was a shockah!  I'll take that loss and use it for a little motivation... hell hath no fury like a Brady who sucked the week before.  Sorry Jacksonville....  you are the inconvenient victim.  Look for 80 points next week and 9 touchdown passes.

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